Sporttips, a New Social Network Focused Solely on Sport

If you like sports and social networks, for 2 months you can take advantage of a new application for athletes. While browsing Google Play, we came across Sporttips, a new way to share and learn about the Sports field. This is a new concept approved by dozens of elite athletes They will not only help you with their advice, but also answer your questions and doubts. No matter what sport you play, with Sports advice you will be able to progress and improve in all aspects, as an athlete and as a person.

A Digital Platform for Athletes.

Sporttips has unified everything an athlete needs, inspiration, advice, sports professionals in one app for Android and iOS. In it you can register, follow athletes with the same interests and start learn from your tips and messages. Many elite athletes such as Alexia Putellas, Ona Carbonell, Teresa Perales among others have already joined the platform and actively give their advice and show their daily tips.

Whatever your sport, in Sporttips you will find advice and content and you can interact with thousands of users with one thing in common, their passion for sport. To get started, register, choose your sports and follow athletes who are like you. So your feed will be filled with videos and messages about sports, such as tips on how to use certain aspects of your bike better or how to get the most out of certain exercises.

Cycling, car racing, tennis, football, swimming, karate, water sports… all sportsmen have their place at Sporttips! But this does not end here ; in addition to finding professionals (and non-professionals) talking about what you love most and teach tips to improve performance, Sporttips puts you in touch with a network of services for athletes. It helps you find trusted professionals with proven experience in Sports, Health, Wellness and Education. For this reason, Sporttips also includes recommendations on nutrition and health, and even tips for finding sponsors and finding a place in the professional world.

Do you want to start running? Want to make the most of the gym? Have you decided to do yoga and don’t know where to start?

To make it easier to get back to the routine in September, the Sporttips team has created 4 communities where you can start a new sports routine guided by one of their experts. Accounts with the Sporttips seal (by Sporttips) will find experts who will explain how to get started and how to improve, sharing details that can be overlooked so you always learn more, and their tips for perfecting the technique. Also, you can interact and ask them whatever you want via the comments. And how to find them In the search engine, you will find them looking for sports (Running, Cycling, Yoga and Fitness).


And another of the key points of the app is to share your own tips and even if you are not the Top 1 in a sport, surely you have some tips that work for you, and that surely people who are new to it. this sport would like to discover. Personally, I am a paddle tennis enthusiast (I have been playing for 6 years) and you can find my “Pro Android” profile on Sporttips.

The ‘Services’ section allows you to go further

Of course, all we’ve told you so far is free content that you can enjoy just by downloading the app and signing up. But Sporttips is not alone there. Most athletes content sharing professionals also have their recommended services that you can hire with just one click.

Nutritionists, physical trainers, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, etc. All are part of Sporttips to offer their help and thus be able to achieve the objectives, whatever the level, to finish a marathon, to start a sport, to prepare for a competition to accelerate recovery. No matter the sport or the level, here you will find everything you need for your guided and healthy sport practice.

In addition, they are working on the section where you will be able to access sessions with elite athletes, including classes that will keep you learning and help you get the best of yourself.

If you like sports and social networks, we recommend that you download Sports advice on your Android or IOS mobile to start enjoying and learning at the same time.