Spark the Best Messaging App?

Spark the best app for email, it’s a personal email client is a revolutionary app for iOS, macOS and android to We tell you all its advantages in this review.

Spark the Best Messaging App

It is a cross-platform email application compatible with many email services such as: Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Hotmail, Office 365 or Imap and POP3 accounts, with which it works very well, among other advanced functions.


Take control of your email

It has smart message prioritization by highlighting important emails from real people directly above.

dark mode

As expected at this time account SPARK with dark mode to provide a fully curated experience, with colors, shapes and transitions curated to make them easy on the eye.

Distraction-free email

Unlike other apps, Spark will only notify emails from people you know, without interrupting your work when an email arrives.

home screen widgets

You can also add a Spark widget to your home screen to see the number of unread messages, search or compose a new mail. You can create shortcuts to the most used folders.

Sign your messages with a gesture

Just like you sign an email with the mobile app, you can sign the email with a tap.


Discuss emails privately

It has an email chat and you can invite your teammates to chat on a specific email or thread.

Mail templates.

The same way email templates are used in Spark, you can prescribe which emails you send frequently, add placeholders for names or numbers to use when needed or preferred share these models with the work team.

Create emails together

G-Suite or Microsoft 365 style, collaborate with colleagues using a real-time editor to write professional emails.

In conclusion, Spark, the best application for email, has many functions and advantages to manage your email, whether personal or professional, even when the rest of the applications, such as Apple or Android mail, fail with it. a professional Spark account if they accept this without problems. Also offers snooze, send later reminders and follow-ups, advanced personalization, pins, smart search


It can be obtained immediately from one of these links depending on the platform you are looking for.

Official site