The Sony Xperia Compact 2021 returns to compete with the iPhone 12 Mini

After the launch of the iPhone 12 Mini, no Android manufacturer has bothered to copy the styling of this device. The compact mobiles and small and are not a priority for most Android Manufacturers. Today we have information from Sony Xperia Compact 2021, a device that could arrive soon and of which we already know some details. This terminal could be the long-awaited renovation of the Compact than Sony launched a few years ago at the same time as its top of the range premium. Leaks come from the filter On leaks, so we can confirm that the device is almost official.

It will be the new Sony Xperia Compact from 2021

Sony Xperia Compact

Sony wants to return to a compact, very well made and, supposedly, high-end device. The key to Compact previous years is that they had a material very similar to the flagship device, so that the market can profit from a premium premium mobile with a compact size. We don’t know if that will be the case in 2021, as details of its processor or hardware indicating its lineup were not disclosed.

Yes, we can know the design almost full in several high quality images. This is not too surprising, since it is a terminal designed on the basis of what Sony has been presenting for a few years. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is the front notch, which is generally not present on corporate mobiles.

Sony Xperia Compact

The rest of Xperia Compact 2021 It has everything you can hope for. The moment when Sony finds itself and the two rear cameras suggests that this device will not be a high-end high-end compact. If we were to bet we would for a high-end mid-range material, but by no means for anything beyond.

The screen of this unit is 5.5 inch, but it’s not as interesting as you might expect. The use of the device, although being compact, is not all that one would expect from a device with these characteristics.

Sony Xperia Compact – The same concept, but it’s no size for the iPhone 12 Mini

Sony Xperia Compact

Anyone interested in small mobiles you won’t hesitate which one to choose. Sony has created a compact device reminiscent of those of years ago, but This is not the case for the Apple device.

The The iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4 inch screen and its dimensions are considerably more modest, which is exactly what you want in a device of this style. It is much better used in every way. Here is a size comparison between the Sony Xperia Compact 2021 and iPhone 12 Mini:

  • Sony: 140 x 68.9 x 8.9 mm
  • iPhone: 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm

There are significant differences in size and not so much screen diagonal, remember that the Sony device has a 0.1 inch larger panel. The iPhone 12 Mini yes it is a full-fledged top of the line and the Sony Xperia Compact 2021 might not be which makes it harder to compare and which they can compete with.

Sony is not a company that offers incredibly inexpensive devices, so this terminal could be launched for a few 500 or 600 euros / dollars, a price very close to iPhone 12 Mini. Until now, Apple’s option has been the best to go for a compact and powerful mobile, something that hasn’t changed because of this. Sony Xperia Compact 2021.