Sony Xperia 1 III : Spectacular design with iPhone 12 keys

One of the industry’s biggest leaks just released a video showing what the Sony Xperia 1 III. The video is based on the CAD cards of the terminal, it should therefore display an image quite similar to what the final device will be. Although Sony is not in the best of times, the company continues to make high quality devices. This new Xperia 1 III This could be one of the best examples, because in the aesthetic section they managed to create a device that is sufficiently attractive and different from what is on the market today. This Sony design could arouse the interest of users.

The Sony Xperia 1 III borrows a detail from the iPhone 12

Sony Xperia 1 III

The flat frames are a trend in the industry thanks to Manzana. Some companies have copied the Cupertino corporate strategy and Sony is one of them. It does so with a special twist and based on previous designs from its top of the line. If he Xperia 1 III looks like the video camera, we can say that we are facing one of the the most beautiful high-end Android on the market.

The terminal displays approximately truncated flat frames which give it a very interesting and unique touch. These are made of metal and appear to have a matte appearance. The rear of the terminal is glass and does not have too many new features compared to the Xperia 1 II.The front area differs from the rest of the devices on the market, as it does not offer a notch or hole on the screen. Sony is betting on traditional frames very small and a screen ratio of 21: 9. This means that the screen is more elongated than normal.

The good news is that this bezel design allows the company to include dual stereo speakers, something many high-end phones lack today. This screen with narrow margins will have a diagonal of 6.5 inch and an 4K resolution, it will therefore be one of the most advanced on the whole market.

Some interesting details that this render also allows us to see are the buttons on the right side. In this place we find the lock button which acts as a fingerprint sensor, the volume buttons, a customizable additional button and a button to shoot the camera.

The general appearance of the Sony Xperia 1 III leaves us wanting more. At this time, the launch dates, prices or availability are not known. What you should expect is a hefty price tag that hits or even exceeds the 1,000 euros / dollars.