Sony WF XB700 Review: Full Analysis

I have been using the new Sony WF XB700 headphones on a daily basis for over 15 days and I can already tell you what I think about them, their strengths, areas for improvement and if they are an interesting purchase for which type of users. Sony presented these Bluetooth headset wireless a few months ago with a great price for everything they promise. The special feature of this pair of in-ear headphones is the famous Extra bass that we see in many other products of Sony sound.

Sony WF XB700 Review : An alarming size with a very good end result

Sony WF XB700 Review

Before I received these headphones, I read in countless places that their size was extremely large and it made it difficult to recommend them. The reality is, yes, they are bigger than the rest of the options on the market, but it’s not necessarily bad. Sony has managed to make a design that fits the ears very well, does not bother and that you can wear for hours.

Yes, the headphones are great, but when you have them in your ear, they feel like they occupy the whole ear to improve sound, ergonomics and also the passive isolation. As soon as you take them out of their case, you wonder if this design will fit well in the ear: in my case, I couldn’t be happier.

Sony WF XB700 Review

You must insert the helmet “vertically” then turn it slightly until you find the position of the image above. At this point, the earpiece “fills” your whole horn and the comfort is very good. There are no peaks, edges or areas that put excessive pressure on the ear, so the time it takes to get used to its design is very short.

Once put on, they are noticed and will not go unnoticed by others, although it is something very complicated with headphones of this type. If you had thrown these listeners Due to the size, I recommend you review them.

Sony WF XB700: Made of plastic, with physical buttons and a simple box

Sony WF XB700 Review

Leaving aside the question of size, we are looking at good quality plastic headphones. There are some plastic textures to make your design not so simple and fit the ear well. I won’t go into which design is best for some TWS EarphonesWell, it’s a matter of taste and preference.

Its weight is quite remarkable, because given its size it can give the impression that they are quite heavy. Nothing is further from the truth, these headphones weigh little, just 8 grams by earphone. The weight of the box is 46 grams, quite light too.

I’m still talking about a Sony friendly and decent design, but it’s important to state that this is the case in my ear and my ear. Every user is different and you may need a different one helmet type be comfortable for hours. Still, Sony is doing important studies on what a large part of the population needs and is comfortable with.

Sony WF XB700 Review

Do they have a good design for sports? The reality is it does. They are not intended exclusively for this purpose, but the the fit in the ear is very good and no matter how much you jump or move i find it hard for these headphones to fall out of your ear. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sweating or splashing, as they have IPX4 certification.

Those WF-XB700 they don’t have a touchscreen as can be seen in the WF-1000XM3. Its price is lower and Sony decided to include a physical button on each earphone. In my case, I prefer this solution because the button is easier to find and use than a touchscreen. With this pair of buttons you have the control to wake up the assistant on duty, raise or lower the volume and control playback in a very easy way.

In the headphones box you will find various silicones of different sizes to be able to adapt them best to your ear. I recommend you take a few minutes to choose the best one and do several sound tests to be able to determine which ones are best for you. This will help the passive noise cancellation to be much better by having better insulation.

The headphone box it is quite simple and light. It is made of plastic and its appearance is not as high end as other headphones on the market. It fulfills its function perfectly: to recharge the headphones. It has a system of magnets which makes it almost impossible to detach the headphones. An LED on the box and another located on each earphone indicates the state of the charge. The box has a Usb-c for charging and includes a cable.

Sony WF XB700 Review

In general, we are faced with a good (and different) design that many media did not recommend due to the size. In my opinion, this size makes your the insulation is better and that the lack of a noise suppression system is not so remarkable. Of course, every ear is different and these TWS may not be recommended for you.

Sony WF XB700 Review: Quality sound with a touch of Extra Bass

There are hundreds of Bluetooth headset with prices ranging from 20 to 400 euros / dollars. Do these Sony’s sound good enough to pay them 150 euros / dollars? I have been using a Sony WF-1000XM3 as my primary headset for over a year every day when I leave home. Going to any other lower quality TWS headset makes a noticeable difference for me, something that did not happen with these XB700s.

I’m sure the company used a lot of their high-end calibrations and headphone technologies on these WF-XB700s. If you compare them directly, there is a difference, but not as much as I expected. It sounds good. They have a good calibration and do not sin in the brightness or lack of support.

The bad news is that no active noise cancellation, although it’s not all that bad news. The design of the headphones gives them a passive cancellation superior to the rest of the headphones on the market. If you choose a silicone that fits well and your ear design is compatible, you will have minimal cancellation due to the natural isolation and you will kinda forget that no dedicated software involved.

Sony WF XB700 Review

The Extra bass Sony is nothing more than a headphone equalizer that boosts bass when music permits. In some genres of music it can be interesting, although in others you won’t notice it too much. Usually, having a lot of bass results in mediocre mids, which is not the case with these XB700s.

These are headphones with which most users will feel comfortable listening to music. They don’t have excessive brightness, so using them for hours on end won’t make you experience that feeling of hearing fatigue that is present in other TWS.

Sony offers excellent audio quality and these headphones are a good example. You should consider what budget you have and try out different options to see if with a $ 50 headphone you still lack quality in build and audio. If so, going for these can be a very good option.

Correct battery life and stable connection +

Sony knows how to do it right and keep the users who buy its products happy. Connect these listeners to any bluetooth device is extremely simple. After charging its battery, you need to remove them from the box and hold both buttons for 7 seconds, they will enter pairing mode and you can select them on your mobile, tablet or computer.

After performing this step, the following connections will be almost automatic and with very good speed. It doesn’t measure up to Apple’s AirPods or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, but it’s fine.

The bad news is that I was unable to configure them in the app. Sony headphones. This app allows you to control playback and change some EQ settings. Sony may not have updated the app yet and for this reason it is not working. It’s not something alarming. Not necessary for the most part, but something I wish I could do at some point.

The autonomy of Sony WF-XB700 It is not the best on the market, but by no means the worst. Sony announces 18 hours of playback with the corresponding fees out of the box. The reality is that I have been using them for days without having to carry the box. It will be hard for you to run out of battery in the headphones during a working day.

Headset charging is not very fast, but during the 15 days that I use them, I have never been without being able to use them. Battery and runtime isn’t something you have to worry about in these Sony headphones, you’ll almost certainly be happy.

Is the Sony WF-XB700 recommendable?

Sony WF XB700 Review:

I have used in-ear bluetooth headphones from many brands and price ranges for a long time. The large offer of headphones in different prices and brands makes it difficult to recommend these WF-XB700 at 150 euros / dollars.

The good news is that as of this writing I have checked her price on Amazon and the descent is incredible. Throughout the analysis I treated these headphones like a 150 euro / dollar TW and now I find that Amazon sells them 80 euros / dollars.

Are you looking for a TWS with good battery, good sound and comfortable? At 80 euros / dollars, I recommend buying them and give them a try, as their sound, connectivity and quality are superior to those offered by a lot of headphones below 100 euros / dollars.

I don’t know how long the offer, but it is likely that they will not return to the 150 euros / dollars of exit, at least at Amazon. If you find deals under 100 euros / dollars and music is an essential part of your daily life, this is an option you should consider.

What do you think of these Sony WF-XB700? Do you think they are a good option?