SIM Contacts Not Showing in iPhone

What to do when SIM Contacts Not Showing in iPhone? Another week comes to its logical conclusion, which means it’s time to answer an interesting question from our Telegram chat related to iPhone problems: this time our reader pays attention to the fact that from time to time the iPhone stops seeing the SIM card, so you have to restart or remove the card from your smartphone about twice a day. Why does this happen? Alright, it shouldn’t be like that, right? Let’s try to understand why my iPhone can’t see the sim card and if is there anything that can be done about it.

We understand why the network disappears on iPhones and if it can be fixed

From time to time, the iPhone stops seeing the SIM card, restarting it or removing it from the phone and then returning it stabilizes the situation. The problem is not very frequent, about 2 times a day, but nevertheless quite annoying. What could be the problem?

SIM Contacts Not Showing in iPhone

The first reason why iPhone loses network and stops seeing the SIM card – these are a problem with the card itself. Sometimes it happens from the moment it is first installed on the phone, but often the problem is felt during use. Here’s what you should pay attention to first.

Top Reasons Why iPhone Loses SIM Card

  • Maybe, The iPhone has an old SIM card that you use. The fact is that the SIM card expiry date averages 7 years. So if you have been using it for a long time, you should go to a communication salon and ask for a replacement.
  • Damaged SIM card. The problem is a consequence of the previous point. Your old-fashioned SIM card could probably work for another year or two, but you cut it manually, which is absolutely impossible to do. Again, problems can show up after a while, and not necessarily immediately.
  • SIM card incorrectly installed in the bin. The fact is that even a manually cut SIM card can work without problems, but it cannot be installed correctly due to inappropriate sizes. Also, the problem may occur due to an inappropriate SIM card adapter.
  • Damaged contacts on the SIM card. If you rarely remove a SIM card from your iPhone, it’s very easy to damage the contacts with one clumsy motion.

To verify that the problem occurs precisely because of the SIM card, try to install another one and use it for a while.

Why does the iPhone no longer see the SIM card?

Another major problem due to which iPhone SIM cards not working properly is physical damage. The thing is if you once dropped your iPhone on the floor, but it came out with minor scratches (and a scare), that doesn’t mean it’s all over:

The problem may start to haunt you later, for example, in the form of SIM card failure. Exactly for the same reason, iPhone SIM cards may stop working due to moisture. By the way, my colleague spoke about it in detail. Artyom Sutyagin in your article. But before bringing your iPhone for repair, pay attention to other nuances first.

  • Pay attention to the proper functioning of cellular service in your area. Probably, the problem can occur only when you are at home or at work.
  • The problem is caused by an iOS update or lack thereof. It might be time to update your smartphone to the latest version or get rid of the iOS beta – we’ve explained why it’s best not to.
  • Perform a network settings reset. Usually, this way of solving the problem helps if the network disappears on iPhone.
  • iPhone problems. To do this, take a backup and then perform a factory reset. Should help.

Another reason why iPhone loses its SIM card, dirt or dust may have entered the slot. Dealing with it yourself is quite difficult: try cleaning the connector with a brush or cotton swab, but not with a toothpick. And don’t even think about blowing it, otherwise, you’ll bring even more dust inside!

Why do you need an eSim

A virtual telecom operator is not only more convenient but often cheaper than usual

If the problem is not systemic in nature but is related to a fault in the connector or the SIM card itself, try using a virtual SIM card. eSim is supported on models starting with iPhone XS/XR. As such, eSim has no physical media, which means you can’t damage it either.

In any case, if possible, you can use two cards at once, one of which should definitely work. You can get a new one at a comms lounge or take that option instead of the old physical one, and two is a pretty great option: you’ll always be in touch because the carriers’ coverage area is often very different.