Should You buy iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Should you buy iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max?  The release of new iPhones is a kind of holiday for fans of Apple. There’s a reason to argue and make tough decisions about whether to replace their old devices. Someone changes their smartphone every year, but for someone, it has been a verified purchase for several years.

These users usually examine the characteristics and validity of the purchase quite meticulously. Although if a person wants to buy an iPhone will never look away from android smartphones and will simply choose from the current row.

Should You buy iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max?

With each new update of the most popular Apple devices, there are fewer reasons to replace them with the previous generation. This year, true innovations will only be received by Pro line smartphones. They will be very different from the previous generation, and finding a reason to replace them is quite simple. Let’s see the reasons that can deter you, like me, from buying future devices.

Touch ID on iPhone

Touch ID in the power button would add convenience to the device.

In 2017 in iPhone X first appearance face identification. This system allows you to unlock your smartphone or make a payment using a 3D face model. At the time of release, this was a fairly modern and advanced unlocking method.

In some situations, it was slower than usual touch ID, but this was compensated by its convenience. Over time, for me personally, the presence in the smartphone of only one biometric unlocking method became inconvenient. When the mask diet was introduced two years ago face identification generally showed its non-viability under these conditions.

Yes, over time Apple was allowed to unlock the smartphone if there is a loved one It Paired Apple Watch and then taught Face ID to recognize a face in a mask. However, this is not enough for my use case. Often iPhone just lying on the table away from me.

And I can’t reply to a message without upvoting. Otherwise, you constantly have to enter the password, which delays this process. And I’m not talking about the launch of Apple Pay, which is currently simply irrelevant.

But, according to the latest rumors, Apple will still be required to allow on iOS, third-party payment systems then the problem will reappear.

With Touch ID, all you have to do is put your finger on the sensor and bring your smartphone to the terminal. Payment is made automatically. You don’t need to run or activate anything. If Apple adds to iPhone in addition to face identification to touch ID, and just do it in the lock button, then it will be the perfect combination of convenience and security. In the meantime – alas and ah.

iPhone 14 Pro – Screen

In the next generations, the Face ID sensors will be hidden under the screen.

If you are waiting for something new apple devices then you are probably already familiar with the concepts and renderings of the future front-end iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Many people are probably wondering: what is it?

But really. Regarding the “eyebrow”, of course, it has improved, but what is this combination of a pill and a drop? Why couldn’t it have been done in a more neat and elegant way? Somehow it’s not felt in this decision With apple which we are all used to.

But that’s still half the problem. For me personally, the screen is in iPhone 14 Pro too small. 6.1 inches in 2023 seems pretty modest considering how much I have to interact with different content. If we turn to the model iPhone 14 Pro Max, then the diagonal will be optimal. But it’s terribly uncomfortable even in my huge hand. The straight edges do their job. In such a situation, a rounded case of iPhone 11 Pro Max but this device is already a thing of the past.


Glossy frames will be scratched even on a branded case.

According to the latest data, the new iPhones Pro will receive the same 6 GB of RAM. In a separate article, I have already said that iPhones and iPads, in my opinion, are categorically lacking in RAM. And nothing will change in the next generation.

Considering what is expected high-resolution camera that now the new smartphone will have to move much heavier files. In such a situation, a proportional increase not only in CPU power but also in the amount of RAM seems like a logical step.

Someone said that the memory of iPhones and iPads works differently than Android, so it doesn’t require much. As a consumer, I absolutely do not care which principle of operation, in which devices. I want to get some features.

At least the ability to put the video in Telegram for sending and switch to another app without worrying that nothing will be sent to the recipient. At least for fun, it was worth adding two more gigabytes. But it turns out Apple knows the needs of the users better and ignores their opinion again.

iPhone Fast Charge

A similar color was exclusive to the iPhone 12.

Pro fast charge many copies have already been broken, but one important fact should be recognized – it is convenient. iPhone fans will most likely say no one needs it. But exactly the same at one time they were talking about wireless charging, and now all current iPhones have it.

At a time when most modern Android smartphones support charging power of at least 33 W, Apple adds a maximum of 30 watts to their smartphones. To be honest, it looks like a little mockery. Some Chinese devices usually support 150W, which can charge from 0-100% in 15-19 minutes.

Many say that fast charging significantly increases battery wear. But even Xiaomi guarantees a minimum of 600 charge cycles without affecting battery capacity. That’s enough for most users for almost two years. And after two years, you can already change your smartphone without a twinge of conscience. Hey, apple! We want innovation!

iPhone 14 Pro – Price

Buying an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max will not disappoint you at all.

Well, the most important thing that can prevent users from buying such a device is the price. We recently compared iPhone prices with parallel and gray imports. And the official prices certainly impress the unprepared person. For some models, the difference reached 100,000 rubles.

For such a difference, you can provide the whole family with pretty good devices or add a few more and buy a few more iPhones. based on the official price iPhone 13 Pro – 120 thousand rubles, I will venture to guess what to sell iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be about 130,000 rubles.

With gray imports, the price will also be too high for the first time, because the demand for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Maxwell certainly be high. It is not entirely clear what time the cost will stabilize, especially since much will depend on the exchange rate in the fall.

Most likely, it is this moment that will cause some users to refuse to buy. In fact, now is the perfect time to buy. iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. Especially on Joom, they have great prices. I advise you to take a closer look at these models and not wait for something new.