Security Control in iOS 16: What is it and How Does it Work?

Security Control in iOS 16: One of the main topics of every Apple presentation is the protection of user data. For several years now, Cupertino has been trying to ensure that all of its device owners’ personal information doesn’t leak.

With iOS 16, Apple has done a great job of introducing new security-related features. We talked about one of them in a separate article – this is Apple Passkey. This setting allows you to access sites without a password using only biometrics.

Security Control in iOS 16

Now is the time to discuss something less visible, but no less important, like a security check. As part of this function, it has become possible to bypass the captcha on various sites. Let’s understand what a security check is and why users need it.

iPhone Data Protection

Thanks to a security check, you can always know exactly who is using your personal data in bad faith

As part of the new function of security, check users have the ability to see which accounts or applications have access to their personal data. If there is a person in the list to whom you do not want to open information, then you can quickly block this access.

During the presentation, Apple cited domestic violence as an example of using this feature. When the victim can protect themselves from the rapist with the help of a security check. For example, stop sharing your location or photos. Of course, this is a very important case, but most often you will check which applications have constant access to which personal data.

To use the new feature, you need to install it on your smartphone iOS16. While the OS is in beta testing, we don’t recommend updating, but waiting for release this fall. If you still decide to install, remember to create backups.

To perform a security check, you must:

  • Go to the settings, privacy, and security section.
  • Click the “Check Security” icon.
  • The emergency Reset section allows you to stop sharing your personal information with all people, and apps and check account security with just one click.
  • The “Access Control” section allows you to carry out an in-depth step-by-step configuration of the access permissions to your personal data.

It’s in the “Access control» You can view all apps and people who have access to your location, photos, or calendars. Separately, we will see which applications use the camera or the microphone. Here all these permissions can be revoked.

Even at the beta testing stage, we can say that Apple has a very good feature that, if used correctly, will help a large number of people maintain their privacy and avoid getting into ambiguous situations.

Captcha on iPhone

Automatic captcha bypass will keep people from breaking their eyes trying to type in the text from the image

An integral part of Security checks» you can also name the function by automatic captcha bypass. This opportunity has appeared with the new operating systems iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura on all devices that support them.

Only in the case of a security check do you check which apps have access to your data. In the same situation, it is the site that checks if you are a real user and if your data is trustworthy.

To activate the automatic function bypass the captcha necessary:

  • Go to settings.
  • Sign in to your Apple ID.
  • Open the “Password and Security” section.
  • Enable automatic confirmation.

After activating it, Apple will verify your device and account, automatically generate a special token and upload it to the site. If the verification is successful, the user does not have to parse the characters of the small images or search for the desired content. Suppliers cloudy and Fastly have already announced support for the new feature.

To iOS16 Apple has done a lot to protect user data. This includes Passkey, automatic captcha bypass, and security checks. All these features are not just under the hood of the operating system but can benefit users right now.

These aren’t hidden security enhancements that Apple makes with each new version of its operating system. These are real features that will be used by millions of people.