Everything About SAP Portal FMI

Surely you have heard about SAP Portal FMI. The FMI SAP Portal is a tool as powerful as it is versatile and whose main advantage lies in its total integration with both SAP applications and other third-party ERPs. In addition, J2EE and .Net support provide you with new technical insights, making the possibilities endless.

In this article, we will talk about the SAP Portal FMI and how to login into the portal.

The SAP Portal FMI is a Portal component of the SAP technology platform: Netweaver. Said platform provides a complete infrastructure for implementing business solutions and information systems in a web environment, allowing the construction of new composite business applications, basing their development on the leading SOA and ESOA architectures.

The ESS applications include a series of self-service services designed so that the employee can, on the one hand, consult personal and institutional information, as well as participate in specific personnel management processes.

SAP Portal FMI Login

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