Samsung RAM: Increases the RAM of its Mobiles With an Update

What Samsung is doing with some mobiles in its catalog we have never seen in other companies. The company follows a strategy used by some Windows computers to increase device RAM the adoption of a certain part of internal storage. Samsung does it every time more mobile And yours could be one of the elect. This method allows Samsung mobiles to have more virtual RAM with an update. It sounds strange, but it is possible.

Increase RAM with an update is possible: it’s Samsung RAM Plus

Samsung RAM Plus

Increasing device RAM with internal storage is common on Windows computers. It takes a certain part of the storage and is dedicated to be used as virtual RAM. This type of RAM is slower, this can be useful for stocks that require more volatile storage.

What Samsung is doing with various devices takes about 4 GB of storage and use it as virtual RAM. This method has been designated by Samsung as RAM Plus and gives the devices the possibility of having more RAM and have better multitasking on certain occasions.

At the beginning on RAM Plus it is not always used, only when the system detects that the default RAM will not be sufficient. Samsung has not given too much explanation on this subject and includes this RAM Plus via updates in some mobiles.

Because yes, it is possible to give you that Additional RAM Plus via upgrade. We’re not sure exactly what’s changing, but we imagine the OTA Samsung is rolling out instructing the system how to use the storage as additional RAM when needed.

It will not reach all Samsung mobiles

Samsung RAM Plus

It is important to note that this update to increase RAM will not reach all mobiles. Samsung is currently testing this novelty in Samsung Galaxy S52s 5G, Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 3. At this time, no other device is known that includes it.

This is a very nice feature for mid-range mobiles, since a high-end with 8 or 12 GB of RAM will hardly need additional RAM Plus. The problem is that this RAM Plus cannot be used on all mobiles.

You need the the storage drive is quite fast enough to be used as volatile RAM. This eliminates entry-level mobiles, as many of them don’t have fast enough storage chips.

This leaves to many Samsung mobiles that they would need that extra RAM but won’t be able to get it because of the storage chip. We’ll have to wait and see if other Samsung devices are added to RAM Plus or are just left in a test that doesn’t go much further.