Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, Is It Worth Paying 900 Dollars?

A waiter used what he considers the better android tablet for a month to tell you about their experience. it’s about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus, one of Samsung’s most premium bets in the tablet industry. It is a splendid and very neat product that allows the company to compete with its biggest rival in this sector: Manzana. During the days that I had the S7 plsu tab at home I was able to realize that it is a product of 10 when we talk about hardware and that it is lacking when we enter the software. The biggest problem with this product is called Android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: A design that makes you want to hold it all the time

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung has created a tablet that is a pleasure to hold in your hands. It is entirely made of brushed aluminum, it is very thin and every detail is thought out to offer the user the best possible ergonomics. The most striking feature of its design is the 5.7 millimeters thick.

It is a bulky device, but so thin that it borders on the absurd. Its frames are flat and the edges are perfectly drawn. Really, holding this tablet is something unique worthy of many Apple devices. It is a high-end product and at no time will you have a different feeling when you use it.

The back isn’t just metal, it has a glass band. Not only does this give a different touch in the design, but this is the place where locate the S-Pen that fits into the box. This zone is magnetized and charges the stylus wireless. You shouldn’t be afraid, because it holds quite firmly.

The front is simple and has just the right frames to hold it without touching the screen and causing phantom beats. Its corners are rounded and are very reminiscent of the design of the first iPad Pro released by Apple.

The unit I have tested is WiFi and it also has the stripes on the back for the cover. This suggests that this model also has the necessary hardware to be able to connect to 5G networks, but Samsung does. limited by software. The SIM slot is, but covered by a small plastic card which cannot be removed.

I can say it in a resounding way: this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus this is the best tablet I have ever tried in terms of design. It is crafted with great detail and designed to let the user know at all times that they have the best of the best in their hand.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: Better performance than most mobiles on the market

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung wanted this Tab S7 plsu to have the best of the best. There’s not much to say about the performance of this tablet, as it can with whatever you throw at it. The main reason for this claim is that it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus, the most powerful high-end processor around. It is complemented by 6 or 8 GB of RAM memory and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage UFS 3.0.

What was the experience of using the tablet? The best. Its performance is incredible and it moves apps and games with ease. No game can resist it, so you can easily rest with the results of this device.

Not much more to say: his performance is brutal and it will be very difficult to find a user that this tablet is unresponsive. It won’t give you any slowdown issues and you won’t have to worry about being able to run certain games or apps for the next few years.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus screen will make you fall in love

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

There are two things about this tablet that a user can fall in love with: its design and its screen. The panel 12.4 inch Super AMOLED It is the nerve center of the tablet from which you will enjoy all the content or from which you will work. Not only does it have amazing quality, but it is a panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.

It is only a matter of seconds to start using the tablet and realize that everything is there in a different way. This is one of the few options on the market with this refresh rate and you have to take that into account. It shows in all aspects of the interface, but especially in games.

The 120 Hz is a real wonder which you will not be able to stop using when you test them on a screen of these dimensions. Its resolution is not 4K, but I can assure you that it is more than enough to be able to see the content multimedia, work and play.

Having such a screen on a tablet is not easy and the Galaxy Tab S7 plus offers one of the best qualities I have ever seen on Android and on large devices. It is a device that we have had at home and which is a pleasure to take and use even if only to navigate its interface.

Everything is best completed with a stylus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

One of the most interesting and useful accessories in the whole Android landscape is included in the box of the tablet. I’m talking about S-Pen, a stylus that on a screen of this size makes a lot more sense than on Galaxy Note devices.

It has a much larger size, which allows it to be used as a pen or a marker. The operation is quite similar to the rest of the previous S-Pen and you will enjoy it much more if your work or your tastes are related to art.

It can be used to navigate the interface and write, but it makes sense in drawing, mapping, or art applications. It has different taps, thousands of options in different apps, and a button to get even more out of it.

The bad news is that it isn’t hidden inside the tablet. To give you an idea, the S-Pen is thicker than the tablet. This accessory must be loaded, something that is done wirelessly in the glass area at the back. The connection with the tablet is always perfect and you never have to wait for it to be connected or detected.

It is a prop that is a pleasure to use for taking notes and surely the most artistic users can get a lot more out of it than the rest of the mortals who cannot draw.

The biggest problem with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

This tablet is the best of the entire ecosystem in many ways, but there is one detail that spoils it all. It’s a very expensive product that only makes sense if you want to use it for work. The question here is that Android is not well suited to productivity and it is difficult to take advantage of it.

Can you work with the Tab S7 plus? Yes you can, but it’s not recommended. You will have to adapt your routines and if you do not buy the keyboard accessory it will be much more complicated for this device to become your place of work. Android apps aren’t fully prepared for this, so everything looks more complicated than normal.

It all ends with a the price where you can find much more interesting Windows laptops to use, with more storage and dedicated apps designed for productivity.

It is very difficult to recommend this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

As an Android tablet, it is a round product, but it’s hard to recommend it. Do you really need a tablet in your life? It’s a format that grew incredibly years ago, but doesn’t make much sense now. Almost all TVs on the market are smart, so you can watch media on 50 inches, not 12.

Do you need to work? You will likely need to use a desktop operating system and a product with physical keyboard to be truly productive. This tablet offers Android as its operating system and doesn’t have a keyboard if you don’t buy it, so no, It is not the most recommended product to work with.

Yes it is best android tablet out thereBut the reality is that very few users need the best Android tablet today. The price of this Galaxy Tab S7 plus is 899 euros / dollars, a price for which you can currently find very decent computers to work with and consume content for.

It’s a tablet that I loved and would recommend you try if possible, but it has some very complicated things to be a successful product on sale.

What do you think about this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?