Samsung Galaxy S22 says goodbye to Exynos: everyone will have Qualcomm

Major new leak transforms what we thought of futures Samsung galaxy s22. These devices, about which you have already been told almost everything, will be presented in a few months. February seems the most likely date and the few unknowns that remain about them are gradually unraveling. Today, a statement by a former Samsung employee was leaked claiming the use of Qualcomm processors in the Galaxy S22. It’s not something new, although the possible distribution the company would be.

Qualcomm processors for ALL Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22

Users have been fantasizing for years about buying a Galaxy S with a Qualcomm processor instead of Exynos processor. This has only been possible in markets like Japan, the United States or China. In the rest of the markets, Samsung has always, or almost always, opted for its Exynos processors.

Qualcomm has always had this extra performance, which for some time has not been too important for the proper functioning of terminals. However, a large part of the users preferred Qualcomm to Exynos in countries of Latin America or Europe.

It looks like this generation will finally make it possible. According to a person who no longer works at Samsung, the company is preparing for equip all Samsung Galaxy S22s with the next Qualcomm Snapdragon 898. And yes, this processor would be present in models of all countries.

This means that it would only be marketed a version with a Qualcomm processor and not two like the rest of the years. All users in the world, regardless of their country, will have the same Galaxy s22 in your hands: neither more powerful nor more efficient.

It’s not a decision that Samsung celebrates

Samsung Galaxy S22

This decision was not taken by Samsung with a smile on its face. Leaks speak of a inability to craft a large quantity of Exynos 2200. It looks like the semiconductor crisis is affecting Samsung and it has put aside the use of its own chips to launch the Galaxy S22.

Qualcomm would have more manufacturing capacity and Samsung would get rid of a big headache. The worst thing that can happen to a new device is to launch it with a very limited supply.

Samsung intended to launch the Galaxy S22 with two chip options: Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200. Finally, everything indicates that the company will not be able to cope with the manufacture of its own chip and will outsource everything to Qualcomm.

Will the price of the Galaxy S22 increase in 2023?

This decision could have disrupted plans for price managed by Samsung previous years. Using your own chips not only has optimization benefits, it is also cheaper.

That now all the chips Galaxy s22 leaving Samsung factories could drive up costs. This, added to the increased cost of transportation and raw materials, could make the Samsung Galaxy S22 have higher prices to other years.