What’s new on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, the best Samsung of 2021?

For months, rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S21 FE they didn’t stop. Initially, it was said that the device would be delayed until the end of the year, after its cancellation and now that it will be presented at the end of October. Latest news confirms a major Samsung event for the day 29 october. At the same time, other leaks speak of the existence of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and confirmation of its presentation at this Samsung event.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is alive and will arrive in a few days

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Almost mid-October, the leaks regarding the Galaxy S21 FE return to the charge. According to various Taiwanese sources the device is ready to be sent to the various countries in which it will be sold. The October 29 presentation by Samsung would be to present this device.

It looks like all of Samsung’s delays are over and the device is ready to hit the markets. Of course, we still don’t know much about its design, features, or price.

A “light” version of the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Galaxy S20 FE has been one of the most popular phones in the Samsung catalog in recent years. It was launched with slight differences from the Galaxy S20 and some interesting high-end hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE it would follow the same dynamic with the Galaxy S21 series.

If you know the Galaxy S21, you might also be familiar with the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE. Further design changes are expected, possibly on the screen and nothing else. The most important aspect will be the price and the novelties, as this terminal should have been launched several months ago.

The only downside it can have is the timeline it is featured in, as we’re only a few months away from seeing news and generation leaps by most brands. Despite everything, everything indicates that this Galaxy S21 FE will be a more interesting economic top of the range than the rest of the phones in the series.