Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Features Beats out AirPods

One of Apple’s closest competitors, Samsung, has just introduced the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro. One feature that puts them a step further than the AirPods Pro is Hi-Fi audio support.

Today is a day of firsts for one of Apple’s direct competitors, Samsung with its Unpacked event. One product that took center stage was the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro. They are compatible with Hi-Fi quality get ahead of the AirPods Pro.

Samsung wants to put the Galaxy Buds2 Pro a level above Apple’s AirPods Pro

We’re not at all surprised that Samsung wants to get ahead of its rivals, especially Apple, and today it announced that the Galaxy Buds2 Pro incorporates 24-bit Hi-Fi wireless audiosupport for high dynamic range which enables crystal-clear sound resolution beyond what Bluetooth typically offers. Previously they were controversial due to their design and the complications of placing them in the ear.

This is a new standard that will support LE Audio codec via Bluetooth, which will be compatible with 5.3. Streaming bitrates are much lower and audio quality loss will be lower, so very delicate users with the appreciation of sound will appreciate it. The most curious thing is that in the presentation where the new Galaxy Z Flip4 was also launched, it offers support for Bluetooth 5.2.

It remains to wait for the opinions and the end user experience to really see if Samsung has succeeded in staging what it is announcing to us today on paper, wireless headphones that offer high fidelity sound.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Features

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Features

Good news is expected from the next generation of AirPods Pro 2

On existing information rumors, the first of the products to receive support for the low complexity communication codec (LC3) will be the AirPods Max. Those of Cupertino are already in tests and firmware update might be released soon. However, will not be enough because exploiting all the technology to his favorite new hardware will be needed be compatible with Bluetooth 5.2.

While this is happening, Airpods Pro 2 These are the next expected hearing aids in terms of launches. According to rumours, will have a next version of the H1 chip. Support for low-power audio and LC3 codec. Something not fully confirmed is compatibility with Lossless, the only one who reported this was Ming-Chi Kuo.

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