What to do if Safari Constantly Reloads the Page?

Safari Constantly Reloads the Page: With each new version of iOS it gets better and bugs that existed in previous updates are fixed in most cases, but not all. Nevertheless, some problems have existed for more than a year – we can say that almost since the appearance of the iPhone. One of them – persistent page reload in safari.

And this happens most often in Apple’s proprietary browser! Of course, you can solve the problem by downloading another application, but you will have to get used to another browser again. Let’s find out why pages keep reloading in safari and how to deal with it.

Understand why Safari keeps reloading the page and what to do about it

What to do if Safari Constantly Reloads the Page?

Often you can see that the page has already started to load, half of the content is displayed, then the inscription “This webpage was reloaded due to an error.“. It’s amazing that once Safari starts reloading the pagethat you use every day. In most cases, after the message appears, the page continues to reload more, so it cannot be attributed to a normal failure. First you need to verify that the problem only affects Safari.

Safari keeps restarting? That’s why it’s happening

  • Open another site in Safari.
  • Try to open the page in another browser – this way you will understand that the reason is not in the site itself.
  • Close other Safari tabs, if any, and restart the page.

If any of the methods helped, the problem lies with the page itself, which is poorly optimized for smartphones. But there are others Causes of Constant Safari Reloading.

What to do if Safari constantly refreshes pages?

This problem occurs quite often and does not depend on your iPhone model (except for very old ones), so it can occur on both iPhone XR and iPhone 13 Pro and even on iPad. What can be done?

Pay attention to these nuances in the work of Safari

  • Disable power saving. Some pages are too “heavy”, and moreover are not adapted to mobile browsers. In battery saving mode, the smartphone cannot download them quickly due to the limited processor power.
  • Very often, the problem occurs when the battery is low: in general, the pages reload constantly when the iPhone has less than 10% of battery remaining. Just charge it.
  • Clear your browsing history or site data all at once or for each site individually: to do this, you need to go to Settings – “Safari”, then select the desired option. Suitable if a single site constantly reloads.

Also note that in iOS 15, in the Safari settings, there is an item “Auto-save offline”: in this mode, the pages of the reading list are saved in plain text, so they can be read offline. Disable this item: according to personal observations, it also often causes constant reloading of pages.

How to Enable JavaScript in Safari on iPhone?

If you’re having trouble browsing websites, it’s likely that JavaScript disabled on iPhone. As a reminder, this is the kind of code used by websites, but sometimes disabling the mode in Safari results in things not loading properly or not working. Sometimes it is disabled when sites are not displayed correctly and other problems, or, on the contrary, it is enabled. Try it too!

Enable JavaScript to make Safari work better

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Safari.
  • Scroll down the page and click on Add-ons.
  • Toggle the slider next to “JavaScript”.

After that, close Safari and reopen it by reloading the page. After turning on the pages, not only should they stop updating constantly, but they will also start working smoothly and error-free.

Why Safari Crashes on iPhone?

What to pay attention to when using Safari?

There are other reasons why buggy safari on iphone. Repairing them is easy: here they are!

  • Improper work of extensions: most likely, two similar extensions, for example ad blockers, may conflict, so it is better to remove one of them. Also pay attention to which one was installed last – it probably isn’t working properly.
  • Are you using beta versions of iOS? They often turn out raw, so roll back to a stable release.
  • Check the amount of free space on the iPhone: when the storage is full, the smartphone starts to perform less well, including Safari goes into infinite reload.
  • Check your network settings: you may have a weak internet connection or need to update your connection configuration. We wrote about how to handle this in our article.

Above all, don’t forget to restart your iPhone from time to time. Constant page reload in safari – what this method helps. And what problems restarting the iPhone still solves – they said in our material.