Roomba j7+ Review: We tested, The Smartest Robot Vacuum on the Market

You may have wondered whether it is worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner for some time. You have seen several on the market and doubt if you really need them or even if they are as comfortable and easy to clean as they say.

We have tried several robot vacuum cleaners, and at first, we can tell you that, yes, a device like this is worth it to complete the cleaning of your home, especially if you have pets and are already tired of all the hair they leave behind.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind when buying a robot vacuum. Although it may seem like it, they are not all the same. The price difference between some is justified and lies in all the technology behind it.

Roomba j7+ Review

Number one in your mind when we talk about robot vacuum cleaners.

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, although we are not experts in the field, one word comes to mind: Roomba. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real Roomba or one of the other brands on the market. And it happens because iRobot Vacuums were the first to arrive, and they are still ahead in the race to make them more efficient.

For example, at the hardware level, they were the first to integrate a dump station that avoids emptying the vacuum cleaner tank practically after each task. At the software level, the iRobot Genius technology updates our robot every few months to make it much smarter.

The key to the New Roomba j7+: Precision Vision technology

We recently received iRobot’s latest robot vacuum, the new Roomba j7+. But what is the main feature that differentiates it from others and makes it a recommended purchase? The main thing is that we are facing the smartest robot vacuum cleaner on the market. And the key is its Precision Vision navigation technology.

Let’s be honest: no matter how hard we try, nobody has thoroughly cleaned the house. There is always an object on the floor that can get any robot vacuum in trouble.

We all remember the typical image of a vacuum cleaner stuck somewhere in the house, having swallowed an object like a mobile phone charger. Or worse, if we have pets, crushing excrement leaves an unwanted trace all over the house.

The Precision vision technology of the new Roomba J7+ detects, identifies, and, if necessary, avoids all the objects it encounters during its task. Three elements are involved: its front camera, LED light, and Artificial Intelligence. This way, he knows what to do when he comes across cables, socks, shoelaces, or, as I mentioned, a small gift from our pet.

The robot will choose between two options when it reaches one of these objects. If, for example, it detects that it is an object that will stay there longer, for example, the lamp’s cable, it will create an exclusion zone that it will remember during future cleaning tasks. 

If, on the contrary, it detects that it is a temporary object, for example, a sock, it will avoid it and try to vacuum this area again during the next cleaning task.

Moreover, from the mobile application itself, we can also tell the robot how it should act the next time the object is found.

The new Roomba J7+ will get the job done every time without us having to worry about tidying up the whole house to vacuum.

Roomba j7 Features

If you notice, we have reached this part of the video without mentioning an important aspect: how does the new Roomba j7+ vacuum? We’re just saying don’t worry about it because all other iRobot models have excellent suction power. In the case of Roomba j7+, up to 10 times better compared to other iRobot models.

And since we are in 2023, we must talk about connectivity. The new Roomba j7+ is compatible with the leading voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s as simple as saying: Alexa, turn on Roomba j7+, and the vacuum will begin its task.

But if we talk about connectivity, we leave an essential aspect for the end, the mobile application in which we can do practically everything: from programming the days when we want the robot to vacuum to choosing the rooms we want him to vacuum and which ones we don’t.

Besides, iRobot Genius Technology, on which robot vacuum cleaners are based, also accesses geolocation services via mobile to know when we are or are not at home and clean when we are not. Thus, the inconvenience caused is minimal.

And with that, we end the review of the new Roomba j7+. We hope to have resolved all doubts. For our part, we can only tell you that if you have any doubts, it is a highly recommended purchase, especially if you want to leave your house very clean and not worry about anything else.