Roidmi Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Review

Roidmi Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Review: Despite the same objective, all robot vacuum cleaners are the same. Among the inhabitants, it is customary to divide them into models with and without lidar. But the days when he was something incredible are already over. 

Today, a spatial orientation module for building a virtual map of a room is already something commonplace. Therefore, when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is customary to focus on other things that can make cleaning even more accessible. Because rolling around in the apartment and collecting dust in 2023 is no longer enough.

Roidmi Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Review

ROIDMI EVE PLUS Robot Vacuum review

Roidmi Eve Plus is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with a docking station that cleans the vacuum cleaner on its own

A good robot vacuum does not require you to participate in any cleaning, and if it does, then infrequently and at a minimum. Those who have already owned gadgets of this type know that they are quite whimsical. They do not need foreign objects scattered on the floor or lower thresholds between rooms; after cleaning, they need to be cleaned manually. It’s not comfortable. But all these problems are easily solved.

Which Robot Vacuum Mop to Choose?

The manufacturer Roidmi has developed the Roidmi Eve Plus model, which is not characterized by the problems of most modern robot vacuum cleaners. See for yourself:

Roidmi Eve Plus directs wet cleaning. After all, it’s not enough to pick up dust; you also have to wipe it up after yourself. Therefore, in the design Roidmi Eve Plus, a 250 ml water tank is provided, as well as a soft sole, thanks to which it does not leave any stains or drops. And thanks to the U-shaped wash mimics a hand wash, no dust and dirt particles on the floors linger permanently.

Automatic is spatially oriented. Roidmi Eve Plus is equipped with a laser navigation system, which is better than conventional lidars. Thanks to her, he identifies obstacles at a great distance and builds a traffic pattern in advance to circumvent them, but simultaneously gets out as carefully as possible. However, if desired, the app can also be controlled as a radio-controlled machine.

You can configure cleaning scenarios in the Roidmi app

Self-adjust to harvest conditions. This feature allows Roidmi Eve Plus to regulate suction power depending on cleaning conditions. 

If it’s cleaning on carpets, it increases the power, and if it’s on smooth surfaces, it decreases. The intensity of the side brush changes in the same way. The vacuum cleaner understands that it is cleaning in a corner or at the threshold and increases the speed of its promotion, after which it reduces it if it is washed in an open space.

Autonomy. Roidmi Eve Plus is Equipped with a powerful 5200mAh battery, which is enough for 250 minutes of continuous cleaning. More than 200 square meters of surface can be removed during this time. Of course, we are talking about eco mode, when the vacuum cleaner operates at the minimum speed necessary to maintain cleanliness.

High ground clearance. Yes, even a vacuum cleaner can have clearance. Unlike analogs, Roidmi Eve Plus can overcome heights of up to 2 cm, which means that it will calmly “step over” even the threshold of a village house, which is pretty high, not to mention small sills in the apartments and objects scattered on the floor. It can be books, small toys and even yarn.

Self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

However, this is not the most important thing. More importantly, Roidmi Eve Plus is a hands-free vacuum cleaner. It has a charging station self-cleaning function and a built-in automated garbage collection container. 

Each time the vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment and returns to the base, the station activates the self-cleaning mode. Thanks to the built-in pump, it will suck all the dust and debris out of its tank, so you won’t even have to touch it.

The station automatically cleans the vacuum when charging

The container has a volume of 3 liters. This is enough to empty the vacuum cleaner for two months. 

Garbage stored in docking stations is hermetically sealed, so the risk of it going outside tends to be zero. And thanks to the integrated disinfection system, everything that entered the container was disinfected, and the smells stopped spreading. Thus, the docking station for Roidmi Eve Plus can be even in the bedroom.

Roidmi Eve Plus automatically disinfects debris and dust and kills odors. So it can be placed even in the bedroom

Roidmi Eve Plus – intelligent vacuum cleaner. The main thing is to entrust him with a task that he will complete without difficulty. It is controlled through a particular application in which you can configure cleaning scenarios for days of the week. 

Let’s say you need the vacuum cleaner to clean all the rooms three times a week and clean each individually daily. Just set the right conditions, and it will do everything in the best possible way.

Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the Best?

ROIDMI EVE PLUS Robot Vacuum review

It’s very convenient to address the vacuum cleaner with your voice. So you can tell him to clean only the hall or do general cleaning in the apartment. The scenarios are up to you.

Not ready to pay the total amount at once? Payment can be split without overpayment

Should you buy a robot vacuum cleaner? – everyone decides for himself. You can get a regular robot vacuum and constantly vacuum it or free it from wire traps or stuck on the doorstep. Or you can pay extra – and pay extra, not overpay – and get an almost fully automated device that won’t require your participation in its life more than once every two months.