Do you know the relationship between Satoru Gojo and Naruto manga?

Do you know the relationship between Satoru Gojo and Naruto manga?

Series anime jujutsu kaizen has been one of the most popular lately, thanks in part to its large group of Main characters who are very charismatic. One of the fan favorites is Satoru Gojoteacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College and thus the teacher of Yuji and his classmates.

Satoru has the power of unlimited curse technique and six eyes, which allows him to manipulate matter in his own dimension. Many viewers rated it very similar to Kakashi Hatake’s power famous anime and manga character naruto who also performs the same function in the story: Be the first teacher of the protagonist and his group. There’s really nothing wrong with that since many mangakas are inspired by other works known to create their own.

Satoru is based on a character from Naruto, but it’s not Kakashi

It reached the ears of Gege Akutamithe author of the original Jujutsu Kaisen manga who revealed that he had based on a Naruto character to create Satorubut not in Kakashi, if not in another character much less known.

This character is Tonbo Tobitakea ninja member of the Konoha Interrogation Intelligence Unit which first appeared in Chunin Exams Arc. When Akutami first saw this character, he was truly impressed. So much so that he decided to base one of the main characters of his manga on it. This can be seen in the design of his mask, which is inspired by Tonbo’s bandages.

Interestingly, Akutami had the opportunity to meet Masashi Kishimoto himself, Naruto mangaka, who was asked about his favorite character, Tonbo Tobitake. The answer you have of Kishimoto was the most surprising because he didn’t remember at all the character he had created so many years ago.

It’s a sign that any character in a work, no matter how insignificant, can impress fans in ways no one can imagine.