Redroad V17 Review: Powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with turbo brush. Which one to take in 2023 and not regret

As a child, I had an old house at home upright hand vacuum cleaner: noisy, with a wire and a small trash can, but still more convenient than usual. Then it looked like parents should buy a normal one because everyone has one. But fashion is a cyclical thing: it turned out that after 17 years, stick vacuum cleaners are back in fashion! 

Redroad V17Title

Redroad V17 Review
  • The vacuum cleaner is very light but powerful enough. You can even trust it
  • Battery lasts for one hour of cleaning in economy mode
  • The vacuum cleaner is very light but powerful enough. Battery lasts for one hour of cleaning in economy mode. 
  • An Upright Vacuum Cleaner with a Good Battery. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexible Hose. 
  • REDROAD V17 has a special nozzle with light. An upright vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. 
  • Manual Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Brush is a great product. I would recommend it to anyone.

Only now, there is less dust from them, they do not work from an outlet, and the noise has become much less – compared to what since my childhood, one might say, it is usually quiet. 

A new handheld vacuum cleaner has just appeared on the market, which I will buy shortly – REDROAD V17. Let’s talk about its pros and cons.

We tell you which vacuum cleaner to take for the house and not regret

Manual Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Brush

Redroad V17 Review

REDROAD V17 comes with a rich set of accessories but is more interested in a turbo brush, which everyone will probably use by default. It has two rollers that move and pull debris into the niche between them. 

The specs note that the rollers move asynchronously, so you have to strain the vacuum – no gym is necessary. Fortunately, everything is not complicated: two wheels will help you pick up small debris.

Like any vacuum cleaner, the REDROAD V17 has a button to switch from rollers to turbo brushes. The presence of bristles around the entire perimeter of the brush makes it possible to vacuum not only the floor but also the skirting board, as well as other corners and joints, for example, a laminate step near the balcony – so you don’t have to not to remove the brush or replace it with another from the kit.

An Upright Vacuum Cleaner with a Good Battery

For me, who is used to the fact that the vacuum cleaner must have a long cord, it is a great discovery that modern devices can be cordless. The vacuum cleaner battery has 2500 mAh – a little less than a modern smartphone, but it should be enough for an hour of cleaning.

This, of course, is around an hour of uninterrupted use, of which there is plenty while cleaning. But even in the permanently on mode, the battery will be enough to clean an apartment of 40-50 meters.

Redroad V17 Review

At the same time, you can change the mode of operation of the vacuum cleaner directly on the screen – not only the power consumption but also the noise level depends on it. 

By the way, it’s normal: while the vacuum cleaner is on, you don’t need to force your voice to shout at the smart speaker. See, the battery is removable so that the central part of the vacuum cleaner can be put in its place so as not to carry it away. The battery can be charged by wire or using a special wall bracket.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexible Hose

In most cases, some dust settles under the sofa, the bed, or somewhere behind the closet. There is no desire to move furniture, and crawling on it with an ordinary vacuum cleaner is unlikely. So, the developers added several nozzles to the kit.

One of them is flexible: the nozzle is bent at just the right angle, and all you have to do is bend over a little to vacuum the floor under the couch. A practical function for grandmothers and people with disabilities – the house will be clean, but you won’t have to strain your back.

Redroad V17 Review

The set is very rich. There are nozzles to clean all surfaces.

Moreover, REDROAD V17 has a special nozzle with light: It’s not only beautiful but also practical! The slit nozzle creates the effect of an ultraviolet lamp and helps detect dust even where it seems there is none.

In addition, the set includes a wavy nozzle with a brush to vacuum hard-to-reach surfaces such as carpets, keyboards, or car seats. This is how the developers were not greedy and made the vacuum cleaner very convenient for any occasion.

An upright vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

To avoid being mistaken about choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the fact that it must have a HEPA filter: This is a particular type of high-intensity filtering. These are installed on aircraft, so there is always purified air on board during the flight. IN REDROAD V17 dual HEPA filter: one ordinary, the second – coal.

The conventional filter can be unscrewed from the carbon filter and rinsed under water for more efficient cleaning. The design of the filters is simple and reliable: it will even work randomly, but it won’t break. Redroad V17 has a great suction power of 26,500 Pa and is among the highest available on the market. In such power indicators, the industry’s future lies to which all manufacturers aspire.

A small minus (although, whatever) is a non-removable dust collector. True, it does not interfere with its cleaning at all, and inside there is still a compartment for storing a brush for additional cleaning. The case itself doesn’t weigh that much, but I wouldn’t recommend dropping it – it’s possible to break the plastic. Otherwise, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and not done in a hurry.

Redroad V17 Review

The screen is bright and compact. Everything is visible and easy to configure.

The presence display also indicates that the vacuum cleaner is done wisely for the setting: although small, everything can be seen without problems, even in broad daylight. You can activate the “lock” so that when cleaning, you do not have to press the trigger of the vacuum cleaner.

The system has the activation of various modes, the choice of language, and consumable counters for the vacuum cleaner before replacement.