Redroad G10 Review: I Found a cool Robot Vacuum that Really Knows how to Clean Floors

Robot vacuum cleaners are a thing, no doubt, very smart and practical. It’s cool to have an assistant who will clean the hallway, no questions asked, or under the kitchen table, where the crumbs just fell after a family dinner. But normal cleaning is not limited to dust collection. 

After all, when you generalize your apartment, you most likely at least wipe the dust and maximally scrub the floors with a mop and detergent. Nose Redroad G10, it is not necessary to do it yourself.

Redroad G10 is a device that is not quite correct to call a robot vacuum cleaner. After all, if there is nothing wrong with the part of the robot since this thing is very intelligent and independent, it is already inappropriate to minimize its capabilities, calling it a vacuum cleaner.

Redroad G10 Review: Vacuum Cleaner with floor Cleaning

So, like this vacuum cleaner, no one will mop the floors for you

Because it is a full-fledged harvester that not only collects dust and debris but also does something more. 

It not only removes dust from the floor by vacuuming but also powers 2800 Pa and does not miss the uncleaned places thanks to the laser navigation system. It also eliminates more serious dirt, rubbing it effectively with a damp soleplate.

Yes, many vacuum cleaners today have the function of wet cleaning. But there are several claims that negate any convenience:

  • First, most robot vacuums are quite problematic to use on mixed surfaces. If in your apartment part of the room is covered with a carpet, and part is not, be sure that the vacuum cleaner will wet everything indiscriminately. The result is a wet carpet that is no cleaner than before.
  • Second, wet cleaning in sight conventional robot vacuum cleaners is like crawling on the ground with wet soles. When cleaning yourself, you would probably dampen it again after several passes with a mop and rinse it in a bucket of water so as not to cause dirt to come and go.

Redroad G10 solves these problems. It is equipped with a laser navigation system, which allows it to determine not only cumbersome obstacles but also carpets. 

And he does it right before he hits him. At this moment, the robot lifts the washing soleplate and vacuums the carpet without wetting it with water.

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This docking station sanitizes the water and automatically rinses the cleaning sole of the vacuum cleaner.

But what about dirt? The developers planned it. Redroad G10 comes with a docking station with a self-cleaning function. It has a built-in water tank which is automatically sterilized and used to clean the soleplate of the robot. Every 10 square meters, it returns to the washing station, improving the cleaning efficiency.

The robot remembers where it went to wash from and returns there exactly. But the Redroad G10 is so clean that even when riding on a washed sole, it keeps the wash sole elevated. 

This is necessary to continue cleaning with a clean cloth. Thus, it does not coat the dirt collected with a mop around the apartment but makes it cleaner. And, if necessary, you can send the robot to clean in a specific location simply via the app.

The cleaning function is not very common either. While most modern vacuum cleaners wash the floor in a U-shaped path, simulating hand washing, the Redroad G10 works completely differently. Its wash sole has a vertical drive for lifting and a horizontal drive that moves it back and forth at high speed.

In one minute, the reader does everything 3000 forward movements. Imagine that you are zealously rubbing off some pollution with a rag. You are unlikely to make more than 50 moves, and even more so, you are unlikely to last more than 5 minutes. 

But for the Red road G10, this is not a problem. It will scrub the floors of your apartment non-stop until its battery runs out, enough for 180 square meters of cleaning. So you have to take. Above all, from August 15 to 19, the vacuum cleaner has an unprecedented discount.