You Can Now Read Your WhatsApp Messages Without Being Online.

You don’t want to be connected, but you want to see the messages that come to you; We share the WhatsApp trick to achieve it and not be discovered in the attempt.

Today the subject of blue popcorn is much discussed, as it can be an element that causes controversy in relationships. Letting someone ‘see’ someone can be the start of a fight with your friend or your partner.

The good news is that WhatsApp has a lot of tricks that most are unaware of; one of these solves this issue. WhatsApp allows you to check the messages without having to enter the application. How? We will explain.

Read Your WhatsApp Messages Without Being online

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone first. This trick is not compatible with the iOS operating system, but if you have Android, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Play Store to get the latest version of the application.
  2. If necessary, update the app and then go to the main screen of your phone.
  3. Enter the screen settings, selecting an empty part for a few seconds.
  4. Select the widgets option.
  5. All the widgets that are available on your phone will appear.
  6. Look for a square one with “WhatsApp” as the title.
  7. Press it and without releasing it, drag it to your screen.

Ready! By following these steps, all your messages, from family groups to personal messages, will appear in this widget. You will be able to see it without having to enter the application.

It is all you have to do. However, we recommend placing this widget on an empty screen so that you can enlarge its size and see the messages much better.

Try this trick and let us know if it has been useful to you.

There you have it, a little guide so that you do not suffer from fights or lose relationships because of the happy blue popcorn. Now you can go unnoticed and read your messages calmly, without looking bad with anyone.