Razer Leviathan V2 Review: Surround Sound for Your Gaming PC

Razer Leviathan V2 manages to revolutionize the sound of gaming PCs with a compact design, spatial sound with THX’s signature (which the company acquired in 2016), extensive customization, the brand’s classic RGB branding and, like the previous version, a fairly low price, compared to the accessories prime of this segment.

Razer Leviathan V2 Review

More than seven years have passed since Razer launched its first PC soundbar. During this time, this market – that of gaming accessories – has grown enormously, both in opportunities and in products focused on a niche market that has grown from something particularly extremely broad.

However, the surround sound section for this type of user has focused these years on headphones, and something has been left out. devices dedicated to sound for most gamers.

Razer wants to put back on the table the possibilities offered by soundbars for gamers, and it does so, how could it be otherwise, with the hallmarks characteristic of the brand and the market for which they are intended: a modest price, plenty of RGB, and specs that will win over most PC gamers.

The first thing that jumps out at you is that the Razer Leviathan v2 retains many elements of the previous design, but renews some of its technical characteristics. However, it retains one of its characteristics: a compact design to rest under any monitor. And this is a particularly important section since it doesn’t take up much space but in return, it offers a more than interesting sound. It is completed with a subwoofer, also to be placed on the desk, but the set, as they say, is quite restrained in size.

The Razer Soundbar delivers surround sound and features THX Spatial Audio set is made up of two full-range drivers, the aforementioned lower-firing subwoofer and like the rest of the brand’s excellent accessories, it is compatible with Razer Chroma RGB, with 18 visible light zones and dynamic settings during gameplay.

Connectivity, yes, is a bit more limited. We can connect it to the PC via cable USB-C to USB-A included in the box, which can be replaced by a USB-C to USB-C if we have a computer whose card comes with the new standard connector. Beyond that, it offers a connection Bluetooth 5.2 low latency to connect it to mobile or consoles like the Switch, but nothing more.

Considering this is a PC and gaming-focused soundbar, that’s more than enough, yes, but an entry would not have been more HDMI BOW to give more flexibility to the set or to connect it to a console and monitor without speakers, for example.

One thing to keep in mind about connectivity is that most of the big functionality comes from PCs and their helper apps, so outside of Windows, the ecosystem should keep that in mind. Yes, there are apps for iOS and Android to control RGB or EQ, but they are somewhat limited.

Considering all of this, how does the Razer Leviathan V2 sound? Pretty good considering its price and size. However, can go through a prior equalization process to get the most out of the bar. Standard sound, especially for music, is somewhat mediocre with the standard presets, with somewhat muffled bass and mids that get lost at high volumes. In a short time, yes, we can have it to our liking.

The sound, once configured, is clear and pleasant, with a fairly interesting bass for games or movies. What surprises me is the enormous sound volume for a bar of this size. I would dare to say that, sitting at the desk, with 30% of the total volume, will be enough to enjoy all the nuances that the Razer Leviathan V2 offers.

The rest may be fine for listening to music and filling the room, but certainly not for sitting in front of the PC. This expands the bar’s audio possibilities beyond enjoying a movie or gaming session in front of the computer.

One of the great advantages of V2 over the previous version is the inclusion of THX Spatial Audio which can be an excellent ally for video games, but it is a function to enjoy a solo gaming session or a movie more than for the competitive approach, for which surround sound headphones remain unmatched.

Razer Leviathan V2 Review, is it worth it?

Given its price and features, coupled with its compact design and the possibilities it offers within the Razer ecosystem, few options available on the market can compete with the new Razer Leviathan V2. Maybe it is the most interesting model to equip our PC with surround sound without the need to place monitors, all in a compact design and with the characteristics of Razer: a lot of RGB and customization thanks to its applications.

We’d have liked the possibility of the subwoofer being connected wirelessly, now that it is a standard that is the order of the day, and that it would have retained the connectivity options of the previous model (digital and optical output) but, again, considering its price and benefits, you can’t ask for much more.

A soundbar for PC, with great gaming possibilities and able to fill a room with music without much effort. Crisp and clear sound (once it’s gone through an equalization process), an ecosystem of apps that offer great customization and, without a doubt, a fairly restrained design in size, make Razer Leviathan V2 the best option available for the PC market followed closely by the previous version, which with 7 years of delay speaks volumes about the good work of the brand in terms of gaming accessories. And with the Leviathan V2, it is no different.