PUBG New State, can you play it on your smartphone?

Today was the day chosen by Krafton to unlock the download of PUBG New State: New condition. This exclusive new game for mobile devices contains much of the essence of PUBG Mobile, new weapons, new maps and a completely renewed look. If you like strategy and shooter games, you should consider downloading this new game. The bad news is that this is a pretty heavy game that not all mobiles will be able to work style=”font-size: inherit; background-color: var(–base-3); color: var(–contrast);”>. The developer has revealed what features are required to be able to launch PUBG: New State on a smartphone.

PUBG New State : Minimum specifications to be able to play

PUBG New State

The company wanted to develop a great mobile game, which makes some devices unable to play it. The graphics performance of the new game is quite high, so you will need a minimum of power to enjoy it.

The minimum requirements They aren’t anything to write home about, although that doesn’t mean you can run it stably. The following features are the minimum that your smartphone should have to download the game and run it in its simplest form. Have a good experience you will need top quality material.

  • 64-bit processor: ABI arm64 or higher
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • Compatible with GL 3.1 / Vulkan 1.1 or higher

PUBG New State

The minimum features are quite affordable for most users, although these just make sure be able to download the game and play it with at least the graphics. It doesn’t guarantee a good experience, so it’s always better to have more powerful hardware.

The good news is that midrange gamers with moderately powerful chips should have no problem running the game at medium or even high graphics. Of course, not only decent material is important.

Internet connection is the key to PUBG New State

The internal hardware of your device guarantees you a stable fps, but not a good gaming experience. Internet connection is one of the keys to this type of game in which you are still playing online and with many other players.

The games include dozens of people and only having good internet connection you can enjoy the game as it deserves. You might have a compatible phone with good enough hardware, but the internet connection could ruin everything else.

Now we know what you need to be able to play PUBG: new state on your smartphone. You can download it from now on Google Play completely free of charge.