How to Activate the Professional Mode Function in Facebook Account?

By activating ‘professional mode,’ your contacts will be able to add stars to your publications so that you receive money for your content.

The monetization of content on social networks has become the main source of income for many influencers who prefer to work independently. And although the so-called Facebook Pages were created so that companies or public figures could communicate with their followers and fans, now there will be new tools in your account or personal profile with the new ‘professional mode’ function so that you can get money and analyze your audience no need to create a page.

What is ‘professional mode’, the new Facebook feature?

‘Professional mode’ is a new tool that Facebook developed so that content creators such as influencers or gamers have access to data from their publications, for example, number of interactions, people reached and statistics on the growth of their audience.

Previously, this information was only available for content published from a Page. However, according to Facebook, many content creators do not have one and want to monetize that work that they publish from their accounts.

” We want creators to reach their full potential on Facebook, and that means we want to provide them with ways to earn money and gain insight that helps them understand what types of posts resonate with their fans and communities, ” Facebook said.

In addition to obtaining detailed information about your audience, you can also monetize your content through stars. Your followers or contacts must buy them in the Facebook Star Store and add them to the content they like the most on your profile. You will get a penny for every star that your followers give you.

The stars were available exclusively for live videos. However, they can now be cast in posts on your account.

Professional Mode Function in Facebook

At the moment, it is a function that only a select audience in the United States has access to. After verifying that it works properly, it will be released in 20 EMEA countries.