Pixy Snap Drone: Snapchat has Launched a flying selfie camera that follows you autonomously

Pixy Snap Drone: Pixy is Snap’s new autonomous drone: it can take photos and videos of you automatically while following you.

The instantaneous company behind the popular social network Snapchat defines itself as a camera company that wants to reinvent the camera to change the way people communicate. For this reason, in recent years it has invented proposals such as Eyeglasses.

Now you want to go further autonomous mini-drone with an integrated camera, which comes with the idea of ​​becoming the necessary support for all your adventures, being able to take photos and record without you having to do anything.

Pixy is Snap’s new autonomous drone, pocket-sized and able to follow you wherever you go.

Meet Pixy Snap Drone: Snap’s autonomous mini-drone with a built-in camera

pixie is a kinda pocket drone. It has very compact dimensions and four propellers that allow it to float, orbit around you or follow you wherever you go. Also, since it is an autonomous drone, you don’t need any type of remote control. To finish recording, you just need to put your open hand under the drone, and it will automatically “land” on it.

Just place your hand under the drone and it will automatically land smoothly.

The videos and photos captured by the drone are Automatically transferred and saved to Snapchat Memories, and later editing tools included in the application can be used. Also included are some smart edits with which to get the most out of the creations made with Snap Pixy.

Regarding its specifications, Pixy gets a 12-megapixel camera which allows you to capture videos at 2.7K resolution. Plus, it weighs 101 grams and has interchangeable batteries, which should be enough for a few eight flights with a single charge.