What is Pinterest? An introduction to using the social imaging platform

Pinterest is a social site where you can collect and share images of anything you find interesting. You can also visually discover new interests by browsing the collections of other users of Pinterest. Here’s how to get started with this unique and creative social sharing tool.

Use Pinterest on desktop using the site’s recommended browsers Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, or download the mobile app Pinterest for iOS or Android.

What exactly is Pinterest for?

Think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board pero with organization tools and bookmarks.

If you’re interested in a topic, like cooking or decorating, find images you like on Pinterest or the web, then save those images to your Pinterest board. For example, create a wedding board, one of recipes and other decoration.

Click an image on Pinterest to visit the image’s original site and learn more about the image or topic.

For example, to create a recipe board on Pinterest, browse the web to find images of delicious dishes you want to try, then click the image to find its recipe and instructions.

Pinterest is also a social network where users interact by following each other and liking and commenting on images, similar to Facebook or Instagram.

How to start using Pinterest

To get started with Pinterest, create a free Pinterest account and start exploring.

  1. go to pinterest.com. You’ll see a slideshow that gives you an idea of ​​the kinds of topics Pinterest can inspire.

    Choose About, Business or Blog in the top right corner of the page to learn more about Pinterest.

  2. Choose Sign up in the upper right corner of the web page.
  3. Enter your email, create a password, enter your age and select Continue.

    O well, Sign up using your account Facebook or Google.

  4. You will see a Welcome to Pinterest message. Choose Following to continue.
  5. Choose a gender identity.
  6. Select a language and then choose your country or region.
  7. Select a few areas of interest (you can add more later), then select Done.
  8. Pinterest builds a feed initial startup based on your interests. The images what do you see they are called Pins.
  9. Click on a Pin you like to learn more about it. You will see who uploaded the image and any comments.
  10. Select Save to save the image to a board.

    Select the arrow next to number of comments to add a comment.

  11. Select Follow to follow the uploader and see their Pins.
  12. when you select Save, you will be prompted to create a new board. Give the board a name and select Create.
  13. The next time you select and save an image, Pinterest will give you the option to save it to your current board or ocmake a new one.
  14. At any time, select Home to return to your home feed. The Pins you see are continually updated based on the Pins that have been sent to you. liked and saved.
  15. Go to the Today tab in the upper left corner to see the trending ideas and topics relevant to your interests.
  16. Go to the “Following” tab to see the latest pins from the people and boards you follow, and to find suggestions on who to follow based on your interests.

How to save a pin from the web

You are not limited to saving pins that are on Pinterest. If you’re browsing the web and come across something perfect for your dashboard, here’s how to add it.

  1. From your page beginning on Pinterest, select the plus sign in the bottom right corner of the page.
  2. Select the button Obtain our browser or Create a Pin.

    To use the browser button, you have to use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

  3. If you have selected Obtain our browser button, select Got It on the next screen.
  4. You will see a plus sign in the browser toolbar. Select it and then select Install to install the plugin. browser.
  5. Open the website with an image you want to pin, hover over the image, and select Save in Pinterest (the Pinterest logo with the word Save next to it).
  6. Choose a board and select Save.
  7. If you don’t want to install a browser button extension, select the plus sign and then selectto Create a Pin.
  8. Choose Save from the site.
  9. Enter the urls of the website and select the arrow to continue.
  10. Select an image and then choose Add to Pin.
  11. Add a title, select a board from the dropdown menu, and then select Save.

More about using Pinterest

Pinterest’s user interface is clean, easy, and intuitive. Here’s how to follow individual boards, navigate your Pinterest account settings, and more.

Follow individual boards

Sometimes you may not want to follow an account, but you like one of their boards. If you want to follow an individual board to see when new Pins are added to it:

  1. Select the Pin you are interested in.
  2. Towards the bottom of picture, select the board title. In this example, it is Whole30.
  3. Takes you to the dashboard page. Select Follow to see the new Pins added to this board.

Navigate through your account options

Here’s how to navigate your account options to easily manage your Pinterest management features.

  1. Select the menu drop down arrow upper right to see more options. You’ll go through each of these options in the following steps to see where each one takes you.
  2. Add another account takes you to a screen where you can create a new Pinterest account and switch between accounts.
  3. Adding a free business account helps you set up a business account, so you can post ads, access analytics, and more.
  4. Settings you leads to a screen where you can edit your account profile, add a photo, change account settings, choose notification settings, view and change privacy settings, turn on authentication of two factors and much more.
  5. Tune your home feed takes you to a screen where you can edit your preferences and interests.
  6. Install the [browser] app te allows you to install an app that allows a Pinterest tab to run in the background when you are using a Pinterest-optimized browser.
  7. Get Helpgoes to the center Help from Pinterest.
  8. See terms and privacy brings Pinterest’s privacy policy.
  9. If you select Sign off, you will leave Pinterest.

View your Pinterest account information

Here you can see your followers, who you follow and more:

  1. Select your account icon or profile photo, if you’ve set one. when selected boards, you will see your current boards.
  2. Under your name, select Followers to see any followers and select Following to see who you currently follow.
  3. Select the icon Tidy by to rearrange your boards.
  4. Select the plus sign to create a new Pin or board.
  5. Select the Pin tab under your name to view individual pins

Send messages to your followers and friends on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network, so it’s easy to share ideas and thoughts with your friends.

  1. Select the speech bubble icon in the top right menu bar to send messages to your friends.
  2. Select a name or search for a name or email.
  3. Write a message in the message box at the bottom and select the send icon.

See notifications

This section is where Pinterest sends you important notifications.

  1. Select the icon notification (looks like a bell).
  2. You’ll see notifications, like suggestions about boards you may like.

Download the Pinterest mobile app

Take Pinterest everywhere with its mobile apps for iOS and Android. Here are the basics to get you started with the app, but take your time exploring and learning about all of its features.

  1. Download and install the app Pinterest for iOS or Android and select Sign in.
  2. Enter your email and your password.

    Or sign in with your account Facebook, Google or Apple.

  3. Choose if you want to allow Pinterest to send you notifications.
  4. With the Home tab in the bottom menu selected, select For You to see Pins based on your interests and who you follow.


  5. Select Today to see trending ideas and topics relevant to your interests.
  6. Select Following to see pins from people and boards you follow.
  7. To search for a topic, image, or person, tap Seek in the bottom menu.
  8. Scroll through the search ideas or enter a term in the search box at the top.
  9. You will see options that match your inquiry to browse or shop.
  10. Touch any image that interests you to display a new screen.
  11. Tap Follow to follow, continue bill.
  12. Tap Save to save the image on a new or existing board.
  13. touch Visit to go to the account or product website.

    If you see the option Watch, tap it to go to more Pins like this one.

  14. Touch the icon Send in the lower left corner to send the Pin via social networks or directly to a contact.
  15. touch Plus (three points) for Hide, Download or Report the image.