Pinterest Profile Cover: How do I add Recent Pins to the Header of a Business Account?

In this article, you will learn what a dynamic profile cover on Pinterest is: recent pins, boards, and recent activity in the header of a business account. 

This review also provides a step-by-step guide with answers to frequently asked questions: how to add a photo collage and set up a profile cover on Pinterest for business.  

After a free Pinterest business account, sign up for business next sensible step is to design and implement a public page.

Pinterest profile cover business and professional accounts 

In light of recent updates, thanks to the web engineers of the Global Ideas Directory, enterprising residents of Pinterest can now interpret the business activity being promoted using a profile picture. A business account header, also known as a dynamic Pinterest profile cover, is the first thing your visitors see after landing on the main business page. 

Pinterest profile cover for business  

  Whether you’re promoting digital products on Etsy, vintage crafts on eBay, custom embroidery designs on Amazon, or Gapchinska-inspired number paintings, a profile cover can help make your business account stand out.

Pinterest profile cover: How do I add recent pins to the header of a business account?

The graphic block is a large photo collage that sits at the top of the page above the profile picture (business photo) and Pinterest business account name. The World Ideas Catalog automatically generates a profile banner in real-time, allowing businesses to showcase Latest Pins (Latest Pins) in the header of a business account.       

How do I add recent Pins to the header of a business account?  

To add a college and display recent Pins on your profile cover, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Pinterest and hover over your profile picture

2nd step Click the icon in the upper left corner of the Pinterest cover and

select Recent Pins for your profile cover.

Step 3 Click on “Ready” to save your settings.

Pinterest boards are a visual container for collecting and storing media content. The recent update allows users to present their tables in a widescreen professional header effectively.   

Pinterest profile cover: How to add a board to the header of a business account?  

  To add and pin a board to the top of your business account, go to your profile cover settings by clicking the “Edit” icon (a pencil in a cup) 

Step 1. Choose one of your paintings or any other painting in the list presented to you. 

2nd step Check the box next to the name of the selected board 

Step 3 Save the settings by clicking the button “Save”

Pinterest Profile Coverage: What Are Domain Pins and What Does Recent Activity Mean in the Header of a Business Account?

Recent activity is Pins users have saved from a verified site and associated accounts. Once a website is verified in Pinterest for Business, all Pins saved from the verified and related domain name will appear in the Public Activity tab. With the latest user interface updates, you can display the Activity section at the top of your business account to highlight the content your Pinterest website visitors love. 

What are domain pins, and what does recent activity mean on a business account coverage?  

To showcase recent interactions of registered Pinterest users with the content on your website, follow these steps:

Step 1. Access profile coverage settings 

Step 2: Click the pencil on the widescreen banner on the right side of the screen

Step 3 Change your settings by selecting Profile Cover Pins.