An Overview of Pinterest Mobile App

Pinterest does not offer developers a robust third-party development platform. Even so, the company offers official mobile applications for devices Android and Apple iOS. There are three official mobile apps for the image sharing network.

Pinterest Mobile App for iPhone

The dedicated iPhone app lets you do almost everything you would on the iPhone website. Pinterest on your iPhone. You can access your account pinterest if you are a user registered or browse the images if you are not.

Images are displayed large enough to view.

Also, the iPhone version is very well focused. The app displays five buttons at the bottom of the screenicons for Follow, Explore, Camera, Activity and Profile.

  • Follow allows you to search for recent pins from people you follow.
  • To explore displays various thematic categories that you can explore.
  • The camera allows you to take a photo and fix it with your phone.
  • Activity displays the same summary that is displayed on the left sidebar of the website.
  • Profile displays your profile page, summarizing your number of followers, people followed boards, pins, and likes. Click on each one to explore other people’s boards, pins, and profiles.

Two skillful touches can save pin images from to your iPhone’s camera roll and the ability to take photos with your iPhone’s camera and save them to your boards on Pinterest. Com.

Pinterest iPad App

The Pinterest app for the iPad is bundled with the official iPhone app, but offers a different design and functionality differences. The iPad app takes advantage of the iPad’s touchscreen capability to allow users to swipe to the side and view a list of available categories.

The app for iPad It has a built-in web browser and a built-in button to pin images to your Pinterest boards. Users, however, have complained about the lack of tabs in the browser. However, users have complained about the lack of tabs in the browser.

Still, it’s an app. decent, although it does not allow advanced editing of the boards and sometimes it feels like a little unstable.

Pinterest Mobile App for Android

The Pinterest app designed explicitly for Android devices has won most of the positive reviews from users. Makes “pin” be quick and easy and cover most of the essential functions available on the website pinterest.

The app allows access to the “Following” tab from your home feed, suggests ideas from the most recent boards and facilitates the search of your individual boards and pins.

Other Options for the iPad

For iPad users who don’t want to install the official Pinterest app, another option is to use the built-in Safari browser and add the Pin It bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar.