Pinterest for PC and Laptops: Download Save button for Google Chrome

Going through the buttons “Save to Pinterest” for the Google Chrome browser, it is convenient to pin exciting discoveries from the internet on Pinterest boards. For example, recipes from your favorite food blog or photos from a travel site. 

After adjusting the knob Pinterest for browser Chrome, you can easily save your favorite images, videos, and gifs (gif animations) to the global idea catalog.

Free Download and Install Pinterest Save Button for Google Chrome 

By adjusting the knob Pinterest for Google Chrome browser, you can save content from other sites by creating pins on Pinterest or searching Pinterest for ideas by an image on any site.

  1. Go to Google Chrome online store.
  2. Find Pinterest’s “Save” button 
  3. Install Pinterest browser button Chromium 
  4. Click “Add” to confirm the installation.

How to save photos, images, and videos from your favorite sites to Pinterest?

After setting the “Save” button, you can copy and save all photos, videos, and gif animations on your boards on Pinterest from websites. 

  1. Choose the photo or image you like on one of the sites you visit. 
  2. A Save button and magnifying glass icon will appear
  • Using a magnifying glass, you can find similar Pinterest ideas. 
  • Click the save button to create a pin and save it to the board.

If the “Save” pop-up buttons bother you, you can easily disable them and try another method. Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on the “Pin-It” icon at the top of the browser.
  2.  Select the “Pin” from the drop-down menu that you want to save.

If you’re having trouble using the Save to Pinterest browser button, see the troubleshooting tips posted on the Pinterest Help Center page.