Beginner’s Guide for Pinterest Board Sections

Online service Pinterest has started testing one of the most requested features – board sections. You’ll soon be able to add sections to your boards, making it easier to organize your pins.

Pinterest Board Sections for iPhone and iPad

Starting today, creating sections on Pinterest boards is available for iOS mobile users. And according to the developers of Ideas Global Catalog, the updated feature will be available on all devices as soon as we finish testing.

How do I create and edit board sections on Pinterest?

  1. Select one of your Pinterest boards
  2. Click Add Section
  3. Create a title and select Pins that perfectly match the theme and idea of ​​the section.
  4. Register and update the website.

Having trouble viewing sections on your iOS device? Update the Pinterest iOS app to the latest version. If that doesn’t help, restart the app or contact Pinterest’s online help center. You can read more about sections of the Pinterest social network here.