This OnePlus Accessory Works for Any Mobile and You Will Want It

It’s rare that we talk about it accessories ad hoc and official manufacturers. Everyone has their own options which, in general, only work for their own mobiles. Today, OnePlus announced a accessory valid for any mobile and that you probably want to have. These are triggers to play and have a better experience in shooting or action games. This is not a new concept, but the price and design make it a very attractive option for any user.

OnePlus Accessory : These triggers enhance the gaming experience

OnePlus accessory

Little by little the catalog of oneplus accessories it gets bigger and bigger. The arrival of these triggers allows the company to offer an accessory related to Android games valid for any user with a smartphone. You don’t even need to have an Android device, this is also valid for apple mobiles.

If these triggers have the same goal as the dozens of options on Amazon: to simulate two physical triggers and not having to tap the screen. These are placed in the top frame and when you click on them they touch the screen. This way you can shoot, accelerate or aim as if you were doing it on a console and not on a screen.

OnePlus accessory

The good news is that the design and quality of these triggers appear to be far superior to other options on the market. In addition, their price will convince you to buy them above other Chinese options and of questionable quality.

What’s new OnePlus triggers are currently sold in India at a price of 12 euros / dollars to change. It is still not clear what their price will be when they arrive in the West, but it is possible that 20 euros / dollar. This will make them an option to consider, especially if Amazon includes them in Amazon or similar stores.

If you are a user who gambles a lot on your mobile, you should keep in mind that Oneplus just released a accessory very interesting, cheap and which will allow you to squeeze some mobile games much more.

The best alternatives you can buy right now

OnePlus accessory

The bad news is that OnePlus option It is only available in India and it may take some time to reach the West. If you have discovered this accessory and want to try it on your mobile, we are going to leave you with some of the best options. price-performance ratio what is there right now in Amazon:

  • GameSir F2 Trigger – Amazon
  • GameSir F4 Falcon – Amazon
  • R11 Shutter Button Shooter – Amazon