Farewell to OnePlus Mobiles? The OnePlus 9T are canceled

If you’ve been waiting for the leaks of the next OnePlus phones for a while, today we have some bad news for you. The company has confirmed that there will be no OnePlus 9T or OnePlus 9T Pro.

The devices were canceled for no compelling reason that the company made public. OnePlus has confirmed to 91Mobiles support that in 2021 there will be no more high-end, so the OnePlus 9T has been canceled.

Why won’t there be a OnePlus 9T in 2021?

This is the question that all company fans are asking themselves. Some speak of the little room left for innovation to OnePlus for 2021, others have problems getting chips and components, and others talk about Oppo.

The company has not made anything clear, and there is no official reason why the OnePlus 9T was canceled. Plus, they might not have been canceled; from the start, the plans weren’t to launch them.

The company offers a second version of their high-end mobiles in the year’s second half, which has worked well for them so far. Or we can believe it.

OnePlus 9T no longer has its most important factor

A OnePlus 9 Pro, several months after its launch, costs 909 dollars. It’s a phone from premium. We know that, but it lost that high-end economic factor, which is why the company became popular a few years ago.

The OnePlus isn’t as attractive as it used to be. Saving 40-50% compared to the iPhone or Samsung at the time was a clear advantage, But this is no longer true. The price increase from year to year may have made fewer and fewer users interested in the brand.

Less interest = fewer sales = less manufacturing capacity! It is possible that OnePlus is not so good financially as to launch a T series of the OnePlus 9 and play. You may want to keep one presentation yearly and focus on news and sales.

Oppo is more and more looking for OnePlus

You don’t have to be an expert in the field to understand it Oppo increasingly takes center stage in Western markets. Now it is easy for users to talk about Oppo and hear it. It’s hard to talk about OnePlus with users who aren’t tech-savvy and know how to answer what it is.

Oppo always has greater decision-making power over OnePlus, gradually making the two companies merge concepts. We must not forget that Oppo created OnePlus to bring its technology to the West at the best price. Now that Oppo has a good presence in the west, you may not want to invest so much in the launch of OnePlus mobiles and, yes, their own devices.

Everything we say in these paragraphs is speculation since the real reason for canceling the OnePlus 9T Is not official. We’ll have to wait and see how the OnePlus, Oppo, and 2023 launches go. We can confirm that if you want a top-of-the-line OnePlus, you shouldn’t wait for the OnePlus 9T.