The biggest novelty of One UI in years for Samsung mobiles

There are things that have been established in the phone industry for years that no one understands. One of the best examples is paying 400, 700 or 1,500 euros / dollars for a smartphone and display advertisement. This is what it takes Samsung has been doing in most markets for years in which it is present. Today, finally, we can talk about stopping advertising in the One UI interface and in system applications. The next update of A user interface 4 will end the Samsung mobile advertising.

One UI 4 will not display ads on the interface or in system apps

One UI

Samsung mobile users have faced advertising in the One UI interface and in system applications such as Samsung Pay or Samsung Weather. Over the years, complaints have popped up everywhere, even though the company hasn’t paid much attention to them. Now it finally listens to users and deletes it.

The last A beta update to UI 4 completely removes advertising from Samsung mobiles. Not advertising of third-party apps or websites, but advertising that Samsung has included in parts of the interface and in its own applications. If you update, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

This ad isn’t too annoying and usually only shows up if you’re using Samsung’s own apps, so many users don’t even see it for days. Yet it is a problem that has been around the Internet several times in recent years. It is not acceptable to pay for a product that displays advertising.

What about those who don’t upgrade to One UI 4?

One UI

We have seen this elimination of advertising in the A beta version of UI 4, Samsung’s customization layer based on Android 12. Unfortunately not all company models can be updated, we therefore wonder if this stop of advertising will only take place in the new interface.

It is possible that from A user interface 4, the ad is no longer displayed, but is displayed in previous versions. This would cause some users to still find Samsung’s ads for a while, until One UI 4 is a much more prevalent layer in 1 or 2 years.

This is very good news, although we would have liked to see a total cessation of all One UI versions of this advertisement. Either way, Samsung has listened to users and the future is to have Samsung mobiles ad-free.