Lightweight design and “unparalleled” image quality for the first OLED iPad

A new report indicates that Apple is in the final stages of the OLED iPad prototype. A device that will be characterized by the great image quality and a light body.

According to recent reports from ET News, those in Cupertino are in the final phase of prototypes focused on OLED iPads. The bottom line is that the design is lightweight compared to other generations and the image quality is top-notch.

OLED iPad will be a big surprise when it launches

Samsung and LG screens are responsible for making the final prototypes possible because they provide test panels. Apple wants to give the iPad OLED a lighter look and a good picture. It will be the first device in the range to mount this type of panel since it used to be IPS (LCD) and currently for the iPad Pro they are mounted on mingled panels.

The iPad Air of 2023 is one of the most recommended iPads

There is an interesting process of dry etching which will greatly help to reduce the weight of the device. This process focuses directly on reducing screen weight. On another side, a coating is under development that can help to have better screen durability precisely because it is so thin.

Likely OLED iPad Release Dates

At the moment, it is difficult to predict a definitive release date. but what is a fact is that the iPad Pro will be the first to have this panel. Maybe the mini led can be used in other ranges or completely discarded.

There’s no better tablet than the iPad Pro

From ET News, they give a final two-year term, by 2024 (which coincides with another report from The Elec) to see the first devices that could be 11 and 12.9 inches. Apple will focus all its efforts and progress on the latest products, especially those from the Pro range on iPad and iPhone.

This planning is also found in the Mac range, although here there are notable differences in the chip (the latter could also arrive with the next iPhone 14). Devices with OLED screens have the advantage of being more eye-catching characterized by high levels of brightness and contrast.