Nuki Smart Lock Review

So we are presenting Nuki Smart Lock Review for you.

We thoroughly analyze the third generation of the Nuki Smart Lock, an essential ‘gadget’ as soon as you try it and which has now been improved so that, once and for all, you can forget about your house keys. 

The third generation of Nuki’s smart lock, and the truth is that already in the analysis of the Smart Lock 2.0 we noticed the positive surprise that this gadget had caused us, capable of turning any lock and any door into a smart one with a stroke of the pen and for much less than we all imagine.

Not in vain, the Austrian house had it quite complicated to improve the enormous functionality that its devices hide, almost universally compatible, very simple to install and configurable to the extreme, being able to be integrated into practically any home to continue imagining that future without keys thanks to access smart and connected to our homes.

And even with all this, the Nuki team takes on the challenge and the result is even more promising, with this Smart Lock 3.0 Pro that improves what is present and that we at Andro4all have been able to test in recent weeks, to offer you all the details in an in-depth analysis that will show you that, indeed, you do need a smart lock in your lives.

The statement is not trivial, because Nuki herself presented us with this new generation of her Smart Locks with a most ambitious message:

Our aim is to make existing lock and access solutions smarter and therefore able to replace the physical key. We meet the challenge with ambition as we believe in simplifying daily life through the use of mobile technology. Martin Pansy, CEO of Nuki Home Solutions.

Nuki evolves and presents its new Smart Lock 3.0 and Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: say goodbye to keys!

Nuki Smart Lock Review

Probably starting this review of the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro based on our opinion and score is a bit too late, but the truth is that my conclusions with this device have been extremely clear since the first day I used it: I want to have it now! forever!

And yes, friends, for me, these smart locks have been like a robot vacuum cleaner, a discovery of this type of gadget that very soon is essential in our lives, and that comes directly to greatly facilitate the day-to-day life of their owners. .

Now we go into detail and I explain why I have liked the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro so much, but surely if I summarize the enormous ease of its installation and together with the advanced functionality and its customization capabilities, which will even allow us to open the door of our house just by approaching and without even having to take your smartphone out of your pocket, many of you will already have enough to run to reserve your unit.

We encourage you anyway to follow us to discover all the secrets of this Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, but we know that you like it, so to start right here we leave you ‘pros and cons to whet your appetite with this analysis:

Should I buy the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro
In favorUniversal and adaptable like no other Now yes, everything included in the device (rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi connectivity) More powerful and quieter motor Intuitive and highly configurable application Accessories for all tastes
AgainstStill making quite a bit of noise though. Requires investment and/or revision: essential cylinder with a double clutch that protrudes a little The price of the set, with accessories, rises quite a bit
ConclusionsAlmost certainly, you will not find such a reliable and adaptable smart lock, capable of universal operation on practically any door and without the need for complex and expensive installations. In addition, your keys will continue to work without any inconvenience!
Punctuation★★★★★★★★★★Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro One smart lock to rule them all: universal compatibility, customization from a mobile app and highly advanced connectivity.

Nuki Smart Lock Review 3.0 Pro price and where to buy

Nuki’s new 3.0 smart locks can already be purchased in the main markets where the Austrian manufacturer operates, although the truth is that the global situation and the supply crisis are making the available unit run quite limited and frequently run out.

Their recommended prices are as follows:

  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 , white color 
  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro , white or black colors 

Obviously, there are packs with which we can save by including the Nuki Bridge or the Door Sensor, with availability in the main retailers of both the technology and home sectors, including stores as popular as Leroy Merlin, for example.

Where is the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro located?

Well, it is easy to place the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro smart locks on the market, even though this market has grown a lot in recent times with interesting options from many manufacturers.

In fact, giants in the sector such as Tesa Assa Abloy have been offering us their ENTRKIT for some time, and there are also other options such as the Yale Linus Smart Lock, but in no case are we facing a device that is so universal and simple to use, so easy to install, so configurable and much less functional compared to the launch price that Nuki has proposed, with this third generation starting at an attractive 149 euros.

In addition, Nuki has a large catalog of accessories that will allow us to link remote controls, numeric keypads and even biometric readers from other companies certified by the manufacturer from Graz, Austria, which make Nuki solutions some of the most powerful on the market. the entire industry.

Not only that, and there are features that no one else has such as its complete application, its compatibility with Google Home and Apple HomeKit, as well as a Nuki Opener that will even allow us to control our telephone and therefore the common portal of almost any building, in a totally intelligent way and from our mobile.

The summary is that, at the level of a smart device for a connected home, the truth is that the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has no rival, so we can now conclude this point without further ado.

Smart Lock 2.0 vs Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, or how Nuki evolves favorably

Going to analyze a little where the improvement of this Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is, to say that I have the advantage that I was already a user of a Smart Lock 2.0 before trying this new generation, so I can tell you that Nuki has effectively evolved favorably improving what is present.

It is curious because if we really look at them from the outside we would believe that they are exactly the same device except for the new brushed stainless steel casing of this ‘Pro’ model, although the truth is that the key difference is that the new Smart Lock 3.0 Pro already includes as standard everything necessary to function as the best smart lock in terms of connectivity since it already has integrated Wi-Fi and offers us the Power Pack with the rechargeable battery as standard.

The second generation, for its part, required that we buy a Nuki Bridge for adults and connect it to a plug near the door, linking it to the device so that it could have an Internet connection, thus completing its advanced capabilities. Obviously, the Power Pack was an accessory that came later and that also involved a separate purchase and a higher cost for the set.

It was difficult, but Nuki did manage to improve its Smart Lock, miniaturizing technology to implement Wi-Fi connectivity in the lock itself, integrating a new motor and gears that are more powerful and quieter, as well as including everything necessary as standard so that we have the best lock. connected without additional costs.

In addition, the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro receives a new improved motor, quieter and more powerful, although you should not be fooled as both generations are quite noisy.

The only thing you must buy in addition to this third generation in its Pro version (the normal one does not have Wi-Fi either and requires the Bridge ) is the door sensor, which has been improved compared to the magnet of previous generations so that we can keep control at all times both the opening and closing of the door and its status at all times.

The best part, however, is that all the accessories in the Nuki ecosystem are backward compatible, so you won’t have to spend twice, and it’s also good news that this year Nuki was striving to achieve the “Safe product for the smart home” label. ” from the renowned German institute AV-Test, which has certified the devices before they are put up for sale.

Installation and Commissioning

If we talk about the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, this point is perhaps its best letter of introduction, and it is that its sales package includes everything necessary so that, with the help of our mobile, we can have our smart lock working in a matter of minutes.

The Nuki application itself will guide us through the process, although be careful here because we do have to take certain details and needs into account that we are now going to tell you about:

  • The Nuki website has a tool to check the compatibility of our current door and lock.
  • Any cylinder and lock should be compatible, but ideally, you should have a double-clutch cylinder so that Nuki works from the inside while you can still use the key from the outside if necessary.
  • The lock includes two mounting systems, one with double-sided tape and another that can be adjusted with screws on the cylinder itself, as long as there are a few millimeters left inwards.

The idea is precise, that we adjust this anchoring system around the bowler with the appropriate mounting element according to our door and lock. Once installed, we will have to place the key inside and then install the Nuki Smart Lock device simply by pressing on the anchor until we hear the ‘click’.

Once installed, you will see that the lock performs an automatic calibration process, closing the door completely and opening it again, while the Nuki app guides you through an intuitive configuration process in which you can choose the features you activate, who you invite to the lock to offer you access and also the Auto-Unlock behavior, which is really the great attraction of this gadget.

And yes, friends, once you activate Nuki and configure Auto-Unlockyour door will greet you by opening when you approach it with your smartphone in your pocket, even if this means that you must give Nuki full access to your location and grant permission to the application to always stay running in the foreground.

Don’t worry, because I have it always active and I haven’t noticed a significant increase in the energy consumption of the mobile, and even the Google app or the always-on-display normally consumes more battery than Nuki.

The Nuki lock takes 5-10 minutes to install, and all you need is a double-clutch cylinder, a Wi-Fi connection, and a smartphone with location permissions enabled to use its smart features.

How Nuki works, and what can we expect from a smart lock?

If installing it is a matter of five minutes, discovering all its functionality will take you a little longer because this smart lock is a much more powerful device than you would expect for its price and ease of installation.

In fact, its basic operation is very simple, since it can simply be set to standby mode so that Nuki stays on standby and we have to open the door “manually” from the smartphone, without the intelligent element acting on it. Not at all… But that’s certainly not why we bought a Nuki Smart Lock!

Its application will allow us to do things like these, which are the most interesting options that I have come across during my experience using this product:

  • Lock and unlock the lock.
  • Unlock and open the door slip.
  • Configure an auto-lock: for certain hours, after a while, the lock is unlocked, just after the door is closed, etc…
  • Set an auto-unlock: by approaching the door with the smartphone, or by speaking to Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri with a password.
  • Invite people to our Smart Lock, in permanent or temporary mode, to allow our friends to enter the house.
  • Lock, unlock or open the door remotely, from anywhere, using your mobile.
  • Check the status of the door at all times.

For my part, perhaps I can say that the most useful options are the auto-lock, which will make life easier for those people used to closing their door with just the latch and leaving the lock unlocked in a clear call to thieves. 

And the other obviously is the auto-unlock, which will prevent us from having to be aware of the keys because when we approach the door it will open in hands-free mode, being able to enter with shopping bags or with our luggage in the simplest way.

It will also be an ideal device for tourist accommodation, as granting access to a guest will be as simple as asking them to install the Nuki app on their smartphone and sending them a temporary virtual key, or we can also offer them a Nuki Fob, a remote control, with he will be able to open the door easily.

Nuki’s third most important point of functionality lies around its connectivity since we can always control the status of the door and receive notifications of its opening or closing, or of any changes to the lock. We will also be able to open it remotely to a carrier that takes us a package if we are not there, and even in the event of a problem we will be able to open it from anywhere so that a neighbor can enter to take a look or raise the “thermal” electricity in case of fall

And the fact is that Nuki is also protected from this since the lock does not need electricity beyond a few batteries or its rechargeable batteries, which with their autonomy of up to 4 months will be able to separate the operation of this important element from problems as common as go the light at home.

I at least have to say that I have felt very safe using the lock, and right now I couldn’t live without it… But don’t worry, this brings us to the next point, now we discuss it in depth!

Security using Nuki will not be a problem

It is a key aspect in a device of this type, so the Austrian firm wanted to go a step further to offer peace of mind to its users, who should not worry about the security of a device like this that is certified by the German AV institute. -Test with its seal “Safe product for the smart home”.

In fact, the first thing that comes to mind in case of security doubts is the first thing that I also thought, and that is how a thief or anyone else would know that we have a Nuki Smart Lock installed on the other of the door if you are not able to see it and on the outside, the lock is exactly the same as any other.

There is no trickery or trickery because Nuki’s design obviously allows him to hide behind the door without anyone knowing he is there, and the lock only opens at short distances with our smartphone, in a range of about 2 meters or so. , so there is no chance of it being opened uncontrollably. In addition, the app itself can notify us when it detects us close to home, indicating that tracking has been activated for the Auto-Unlock function.

Yes, the KeyPads or biometric locks will be visible if we install them, but even this should not be a problem because anyone will need the key to open Nuki or our fingerprint, and neither is easy to get, certainly.

And if I want to try these kinds of gadgets, should I then buy a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro?

Obviously, this is a difficult question to answer without knowing your needs, but the truth is that in my case this Nuki Smart Lock has been the most useful device that I have found in my house after the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, especially for the ease of forgetting the keys and being able to open the door hands-free just by approaching.

Obviously, it has more advanced uses such as tourist apartments or vacation homes, but honestly, the best thing about the Nuki device is its versatility and the ease with which it can be adapted to almost any door anywhere, allowing us to forget about the hassle of block the lock when we leave or that we have one more security route in case of problems at home and that we are far away.

There are more expensive options or more recognized firms, of course, but I love the concept of Nuki precisely because I also keep the door as such and the lock as it was, with my security bowler, being able to use the keys as usual if the phone runs out of battery or if I have forgotten it somewhere.