5 News Coming to the Reminders App

News Coming to the Reminders App: We tell you all the new features of the native Apple Reminders application.

Apple has incorporated a slew of features and innovations in iOS 16, completely redefining the user experience of its iPhone operating system. We recently curated a collection of what’s new in the Photos app, and now we’ll do the same with all the new features of the native Reminders app.

The Reminders app has changed a lot since it was born in iOS 5, and the jump from iOS 15 to iOS 16 update will also mean a big change. Not only at the design level, but also at the functional level. Its most drastic change came with iOS 13 with smart lists and contact tagging. Hashtags then came to improve the organization of reminders and integrate their capabilities with other applications like Notes.

It is one of the most prominent apps in the system which allows users to add notifications for their daily to-dos and tasks on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and the rest of the devices in the Apple ecosystem. Then every News of Reminders in iOS16.

What’s News Coming to the Reminders App for iOS 16

If you consider yourself a very organized person who likes to control the smallest details of your daily tasks, the lists in the Notes application and the lists of reminders in iOS 16 will become your greatest allies.

The new iOS 16 update has implemented a wide variety of Reminders app features that will delight iPhone users. These are all features that Apple’s software engineers have included in callbacks.

1. Smart Search Filters and Reminder Lists

The Reminders app for iPhone and iPad already had the ability to create smart lists and search filters. But with the release of iOS 16 – which we remember is still in beta – filters and smart lists have been improved and improved considerably.

With iOS 16 now, the system allows you to perform a much more concise filter search, including callbacks matching any selected tags or filters. Additionally, individual tags can also be excluded from the search.

2. Set reminder lists

Apple has integrated the option to highlight reminders in iOS 16 as it has already done with the Notes app and the Messages app. Until now, this was an option that was not available in reminders.

Starting with the iOS 16 update, iPhone users will have the ability to highlight a total of 9 reminders at the top of the app which will be in the shape of a rectangle and can belong to smart lists or to the Today, Scheduled and All categories.

To highlight a reminder, just tap and hold one of them and choose the option to set the reminder.

3. List of Completed Reminders

Another of the most important new reminders concerns a new list that Apple has included in the main screen user interface. It’s a reminder list completed something that seemed essential in an application as such and that it did not make sense that it was not available in previous versions of the mobile operating system for iPhone.

Before iOS 16 hit the scene, to see a completed reminder, you had to go to your list and turn on the option to see completed reminders. Now iOS 16 users will be able to see all completed reminders from the new smart list “Completed” from the main Reminders screen.

Reminders completed by users will appear in order of the date the reminders were completed. Additionally, the exact time each task was completed will also be reflected.

4. Reminder lists as templates to share

The company with the bitten apple logo is increasingly including content-sharing options in its operating systems. The last is present, with iOS 16, in Reminders. We are talking about a feature that allows users to create a list of reminders to save it as a template and share it with other users.

This new feature of iOS 16 is very useful since it offers the advantage of reusing the same reminder lists again and again, as many times as the user wishes. It can be very handy, for example, to create a list of household chores to be done every Sunday.

All iOS 16 reminder lists can be turned into templates. Before that, it is even possible to include completed items. To create a reminder template, simply go to the “Templates” section when creating a new reminder list. Templates can be shared via iCloud with contacts, but you can also find templates that other users have created.

5. New formats for reminder notes

Notes or details for each reminder now have new text formats. Not as personalized as in other apps like Notes, but with a visually appealing end result. Which helps considerably in maintaining a clearer and neater organization.

iOS 16 users will be able to create reminders with details in text format, including bold, italic (italic), underline and even bulleted lists. It’s fantastic. In fact, one of the coolest new features in iOS 16 is the ability to copy and paste reminder notes in rich text format from other apps like Mail or Notes.

In fact, the Reminders application is not one of the most used applications by users of the Apple ecosystem (iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS…) and that’s a shame because, as we have indicated, it is one of the native apps the most profitable and profitable of iOS 16.

In addition, over the past few years, the apple-logo firm has redesigned its user interface and introduced major changes in its features and benefits, with particular emphasis on its integration with other applications such as Calendar, Notes or Messages. And you, do you regularly use the Reminders app on your iPhone?