The New iPad 2023: What We Know About the Cheapest Apple Tablet

The New iPad 2023: The classic iPad with bezels and a physical Touch ID is the best seller Apple tablet from generation to generation. This happens due to the favorable combination of price and features that Cupertino offers its customers.

Many people buy such a device as a bedside gadget for reading, social networking, and watching movies, and only a small portion of buyers try to create content on it. More recently, the first rumors about the tenth-generation iPad have started to appear. Let’s see what it will be.

The 9th generation iPad is the most affordable tablet Apple has ever made

Some say Apple isn’t going to change the design of its most popular tablet, others talk about bringing the whole range down to a single look, but everyone agrees that the hardware will be installed quite productively this year. Let’s take a look at the first leaked iPad 10compare it with the current iPad 9 and see if is it worth buying a regular iPad in 2023.

New iPad 2023 Specifications

The base iPad supports the first-generation Apple Pencil, but whether the new version will support the second is a big question.

According to rumors, this fall, Apple plans to release the anniversary – the tenth generation of its tablet. Many say that a rather drastic change is planned for the tour date. Lightning will eventually be replaced by USB-C. Remember that the classic iPad remains to date the only Apple tablet that has not been transferred to the new connector.

The novelty will receive a Retina display with a resolution of 2360 by 1640 pixels, which repeats the last two generations of the iPad Air. It is likely that the technical characteristics of the screen will be worse than Air, but the diagonal is planned at 10.5 or 10.9 inches.

The deterioration of display characteristics is due to the fact that when installing the same displays in two different lines, they will begin to eat away at each other’s sales. The iPad 9 has a 10.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 by 1620 pixels. Apple is trying to improve its best-selling tablet.

The chip will be the heart of the new gadget Apple A14, which brings it as close as possible to the fourth-generation iPad Air. Thanks to this processor, the base iPad will also receive support for 5G networks, which distinguishes it from the iPad 9.

We may even see slightly improved cameras, speakers, and just a few things that will make the new device better than the previous one and its competitors.

It is not known which version of the box Apple will stop at. Whether it’s the same as the iPad 9 or gets an iPad Air-style design is still unclear. Most likely, we will only learn about it directly during the presentation.

Nowadays Cheapest iPad retails for $329. Most likely, especially if the design of the device changes, Apple will have to raise the price, but it’s unlikely to be higher than $399. It’s possible that Cupertino will try to use the practice of a hidden price increase by removing the Charger from the kit while keeping the selling price the same. Let’s see how Apple will get out of a situation where component prices continue to rise steadily.

Which iPad to buy in 2023

If you add a branded keyboard to the iPad Pro, the cost will be that of a good laptop

Apple tablets are among the most durable gadgets. Since most Apple tablet users use them as bedside devices, they rarely take them with them. Many people prefer to immerse themselves in the iPad screen at home, and the main needs in this use case are purely simple: social networks, online cinemas, books, and light games.

Apple keeps its devices running for a long time with long updates. So the iPad 5, released in 2017, is still getting new versions of the operating system and will be updated in the fall to iPadOS 16. A complete list of iPads that have received the new version of the operating system can be found in our article.

If you decide you need a tablet, you need to figure out what you’ll be using it for. Just sitting around reading books, surfing websites, and working with text documents, the usual basic iPad will suffice for your eyes.

This text, like most of my authors, was typed on a regular iPad 7. It doesn’t lack power, RAM, or anything else at all. The tablet is 100% up to the task. The only thing I dream of sometimes is a mouse. But now there is no problem connecting it to the tablet, you just need to buy it.

If you have a photo or video processing in your plans, then I sincerely advise you to get a laptop and not try to invent something. Buying a tablet for these actions, for me personally, seems strange and unreasonably expensive.

A full-fledged MacBook at more or less a similar price will get you a whole lot more. Apple’s Pro Series tablets are ideal for artists, Apple Pencils, or those who need to edit on the go.

But the cost of such solutions, especially if you decide to buy a branded Magic Keyboard, approaches laptops and the question arises, do you need it? It seems to me not. Of course, the Pro series of tablets have very high performance, but if it is not possible to work at the table in comfortable conditions, then a tablet with Magic Keyboard cannot be placed on your lap. He just can’t support his own weight. In such a situation, a laptop will be the best help.

The needs of the majority are fully covered by the basic tablet, if they still add a new borderless design with Touch ID in the power button, then I will definitely vote for him with a ruble. Buying a regular iPad is the most logical decision in the current situation.

Try to choose wisely, Apple makes the best tablets in the business, but for most of what’s in older models, most of us just shouldn’t be paying extra.