Announcing New Indie Open World Game

If you want a truly entertaining free Indie Open World Game, you need to know Quintessencean independent game without marked paths, in which you draw your own route.

This title -in development- is already available on Steam, so if you download it you will not only be one of the first to play it, but you will also collaborate with your reviews and suggestions to make it even better and have access to the version final. Before getting to know its features, let’s clarify some terms that you need to be clear about.

What is an Indie Open World Game?

If you are a regular gamer, this term is not unfamiliar to you, but if you are new to gaming, know that it is an indie video game that is, it is programmed and launched by an individual or a small group of developers who do not belong to a consolidated video game company.

For its part, an open-world video game is a game in which the user can move around in a virtual world as you wish and modify the elements of the game to liking. In other words, their actions can lead to changes in this world.

But, there are games that, although they claim to be of this type, are not, or are limited, because they have marked paths and it is not the user who determines it. This is not the case with the Quintessence video game, which is a true open-world game.

Features of Quintessence (Indie Open World Game)

Quintessence is a video game created with the RPG Maker MV graphics engine, which, unlike others, is so light and fluid that it runs well on basic computers with a dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM.

What is this game about? It’s an epic adventure where you will enter a fantasy world and encounter dragons and magic, as you travel the world to uncover secrets and find hidden treasures so you can save the world. Every decision you make will indirectly influence the world, so we can say that you will create it.

The virtual world is composed of 5 research of them is an independent game, with different graphics, challenges and elements and you decide where to stand:

  • Central: You will find the classic elements that are part of open world games.
  • North: futuristic elements
  • South: medieval fantasy
  • Where is: divine paradise
  • East: Dark Hell

Game available in the first version

Quintessence is currently a new game under development and is looking for contributors to test the elements already available and want to help improve it, if you are interested, ACCESS FREE EARLY ACCESS, play a few hours, find bugs and fix them. report.

What will be the benefit for you? You will enjoy a video game that, although it is in the development phase, is very entertaining and fun, moreover, when the final version is released, you will have access to the game and all its options.

Quintessence, the new indie open-world video game, medieval and apocalyptic style, is already among us. Do you dare to play it?