The 5 New Features of Google Chrome

Check out the New Features of Google Chrome available for iOS!

Although it is the most popular browser in the world, Google Chrome you don’t want to relax with this title or be limited to certain devices. And perhaps, given the news announced by Apple’s Safari, the next update will bring several new features for iOS.

The majority of these new features are already available on desktop browsers and some on Android devices but this is the first time that iPhone users will be able to enjoy them.

Five new features in Chrome for iOS

More protection against phishing and malware

One of the updates focuses on privacy to attack one of the biggest threats on the web. Enhanced Safe Browsing will now also be available on iPhone or iPad. Chrome predicts and warns of dangerous web pages and sends them to Google for verification.

Similarly, when entering our identifiers on a website, Chrome can warn if our username and password have been compromised in a third-party data breach, and if true, it will suggest changing passwords.

Password completion in other applications

Google integration Password Manager will also be available on iOS. If you set it up, Chrome will help you quickly and securely create, store, and fill in your passwords on any website or app on your iOS device.

Discover something new or pick up where you left off

We may be able to discover new content by searching again in Chrome for iOS after a while. Although we can find all recent tabs, the option will make it easier to find content, start a new search, or easily return to sites that we visit most often.

Fastest Translator

Using on-device machine learning, Chrome for iOS will offer an updated language identification model for accurately determining the language of the page we are visiting and whether it needs to be translated to match our preferences.

Use Chrome actions

This tool is useful for doing more things quickly from the Chrome address bar. A) Yes, it is possible to save time by typing the title of an action in the address bar. The Chrome address bar also predicts when you might benefit from a Chrome action based on the words that have been entered.

Chrome actions speed up common activities in Chrome for iOS, such as clearing browsing data, opening the incognito tab, set chrome as the default browser.

Other additional features include:

• Manage camera and microphone permissions for specific sites using the camera and microphone icons in the address bar.

• You can now download and add iCalendar (iCal) files to your calendar.

• Chrome will remove duplicate tabs of the New Tab page in the background.

• Stability and performance improvements.