Motorola Moto E20, Motorola’s cheapest mobile for 2021

If you have to buy a smartphone in the coming months and you don’t have too much of a budget, today we’re going to tell you something very interesting. Motorola is preparing what will likely be its cheapest smartphone of the year. The Moto E series has just resurfaced and it’s doing it with a guess Motorola Moto E20. We already know its complete design and some of its characteristics, which leads us to think that we are facing a cheap device and for the entry-level range of the company.

Motorola Moto E20 will be the base mobile for 2021

Motorola Moto E20

After several interesting mid-range launches, Motorola wants to offer an inexpensive and basic device again. This is exactly what was disclosed with the motorcycle E20, a terminal with a basic design and modest functionalities that could offer a fairly competitive price.

Was his Jaded evan the one in charge of filtering the official images of this Moto E20, so this is real and truthful information. It is the design itself that reveals the range of the device and its possible price, since we are faced with a plastic mobile with notch and basic design.

Motorola Moto E20

Its rear camera module stands out, the additional button for Google Assistant and the fingerprint sensor on the back. There is also a honeycomb pattern on the back cover which makes it slightly more attractive, although this is a simply aesthetic solution.

Regarding the characteristics, we have very little information. We only know that it has been certified with a 3,760 mAh battery and an 10W load. Two other aspects that confirm the low range for this device.

If all goes well the Motorola Moto E20 It should be launched as the cheapest Motorola mobile of the year within a few weeks.