The director of Morbius explains that he was inspired by Pokémon and My Little Pony


Pokemon has already made it clear on many occasions that its impact extends beyond the deductible. Manga, anime and the Game Freak saga have become a international phenomenon and served as an inspiration to all kinds of artists. This time it was Daniel Espinosa, the director of Morbiuswho confessed that the Japanese franchise greatly influenced the new Marvel movie.

The influence of Pokémon in Morbius

Morbius arrives in our theaters next week with Jared Leto as the protagonist. The new Marvel movie, which has a much darker tone than we’re used to, tells the story of a doctor who fails in his attempt to cure himself of a strange blood disease, becoming a vampire in the process.

Daniel Espinosathe director of the film, gave an interview to GamesRadar where he explained the main influences he took into account in directing Morbius. “When you read comics, they always use lines and colors to accentuate the powers. I also wanted to bring this joy of color to the cinema”, he explained. According to him, the best examples of this use are in Mon petit Poney and in Pokemonwhose aesthetic greatly influenced Morbius.

“I have a six-year-old daughter who loves My Little Pony and I love the use of color in those animated movies. If you look at Pokemon, they use lights and colors to bring out the strength of their attacks. That was one of the biggest inspirations for me.

A priori, these franchises have nothing to do with each other, but surely as soon as viewers see the light and color effects in Morbius, the Pokémon saga will come to mind.