Mobile Myths and Legends that are Not True

Mobile Myths That We Burst today!

We’ve all heard over a thousand times that cell phones cause cancer, that their radiation is bad for our bodies, and that the electromagnetic fields they emit are what keep you up at night. But not everything you read on the internet or your brother-in-law tells you is true, and here we are the folks at Maxmovil to disprove 4 mobile legends that aren’t true.

If you do not charge the battery to 100%, your mobile loses its useful life.

There are many people who argue that you have to charge the mobile to 100% before disconnecting it, otherwise it will gradually lose capacity and eventually stop charging. Well, that’s not true at all, since this urban legend dates back to the first mobile phones, whose battery was chemical and its operation was different from that of today. lithium batteries, which are those found in any current smartphone, do not suffer if you stop charging them when they are at 50, 70 or 80%.

In fact, experts recommend keeping your battery percentage as far away from 0% as possible because that’s when it wears out the most and starts to suffer.

It is recommended to have them between 50 and 80% battery to work in the most optimal way possible. We’ve also found that using the phone while it’s charging is bad because it makes it overheat and more likely to explode. Something that is simply ridiculous and has no head or tail, since as strange as it may seem to have to say it, batteries do NOT explode.

Here we leave you a post in which we explain how to charge the mobile correctly.

Close Background Apps to Save Battery

One of the most common thoughts is that your mobile is slowing down because you have a thousand apps open and not closing them makes your smartphone go at turtle speed while draining your battery. And while many open apps can slow you down, the battery doesn’t care. In reality, leaving apps open in the background improves your battery and makes it last longer, because every time you open an app, your phone makes an effort to open it. This ends up being a performance spike and therefore generates a need for extra power, so generally speaking it ends up using a lot of battery.

For this reason, you should not worry about having apps running in the background on your mobile because it is able to self-regulate and manage memory so that it does not end up full. They are called for a reason smartphones.

Mobile Myths

Having the credit card in the case makes it useless

We have often heard that you have been degaussed credit card to carry it in the case or in the same pocket as the mobile. But that is, to put it bluntly, “almost” impossible. For a credit card to demagnetize, it must be affected by a very strong magnetic field and the only magnetic field available in mobile is in the internal speaker, but it’s barely strong enough to affect it.

Depending on the type of card (those with a black stripe, such as those in the bank, are called high coercivity, and those with brown, such as those with points in a restaurant, are low coercivity) a greater magnetic force or minor to become obsolete, but in neither case has it been shown that a credit card has been degaussed by a smartphone.

Mobile Myths

Cell Phones Blow up Planes and Gas Stations

As absurd as it may sound, we’ve all seen the signs prohibiting the use of cell phones many times, both at gas stations and on airplanes. And of course, urban legends were quick to arrive around these two situations.

In the first place, if you are on a plane and a message arrives, it does not mean that you are going to die immediately because of an explosion in the right engine. In fact, it is also not true that not activating airplane mode will cause interference in flight. It’s something much simpler.

It’s made for responding to flight crew orders and messages from the pilot on the public address system. Because if everyone looked at the phone while answering the ‘guasap’ they wouldn’t know there was a problem or that they need to fasten their seat belt.

And no, you’re not going to blow up your town’s gas station to have your cell phone in your pocket while you fill up. The reason is much simpler and is made for avoiding distractions while you are with the gasoline or diesel hose. There are no sparks from the battery or anything like that, but you have to keep in mind that a distraction could knock some of the fuel to the ground. And with a spark generated by any fortuitous situation, it can cause a fire that ends in tragedy. So while you are refueling, the mobile quiet.

There are plenty of other legends about cell phones, but we’ve brought you the ones we’ve found to be the most useful or fun.

Now it’s up to you, do you know any? Have you ever experienced a myth live and verified that it’s not a lie? We read you!