MIUI 13 already has an official arrival date and it’s much earlier than expected

Until a few months ago, no one spoke or considered the arrival of MIUI 13 in the near future. MIUI 12 issues and MIUI 12.5 short rollout made it MIUI 13 remain in the background as a layer of personalization by mid 2023. The reality is very different and Xiaomi put the batteries with the actualization. Today he confirmed the official presentation date, which is fast approaching. In this news, there are better and worse situations that we are going to tell you about.

MIUI 13 officially launched on December 16


Indeed, we will not have to wait until 2023 to see MIUI 13 officially. The company is in a hurry and already has a stable version ready for distribution. Well, at least you are clear on things, because most likely the first time you MIUI 13 reached a device do so in beta form.

Xiaomi will announce all the details, functions and change the day December 16, that is, in about 20 days. The “bad” news is that the personalization layer is being introduced in China. The distribution, as always, will first start in the country of origin, and then, after a while, it will move to the western smartphones.

You should also know that functions will be presented that will ultimately not be in the global version. The best example may be the integration with the assistant Xiaomi or IA, something that usually doesn’t reach European markets when the layer goes international.

What is clear is that everything will start to move from December 16 and that by early 2023 we could see a large number of devices. Xiaomi with MIUI 13 stable.

Which Xiaomi phones will be updated to MIUI 13?

The big question is not so much when, but who. In these types of updates, delays are the order of the day and the important thing is whether your device is eligible for the actualization. Xiaomiui compiled a list based on updates from previous years. It’s unofficial, but chances are it’s pretty close to the truth.


If your mobile is on the list, it has a good chance of update to MIUI 13 officially. Another thing is that I am updating to Android 12, something different and not directly related to the personalization layer of Xiaomi. Your mobile can update MIUI 13 will stay Android 11.