MIUI 12.5 works on your Xiaomi with MIUI 12 with this tool

If you have a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12 and without the possibility of updating to MIUI 12.5 today, we have good news for you. A new tool that has just gone viral will allow you to get MIUI 12.5 improvements on your mobile without having to update this new layer of personalization. Dozens of Xiaomi Cell Phones they will be left without power official update to MIUI 12.5, so this is a very good opportunity to solve MIUI issues and receive new functions.

You can now enjoy MIUI 12.5 improvements without having to update

MIUI 12.5

There are some requirements to be able to use this new tool called MIUIPlus Magisk Module. It was discovered by Xiaomi and is going quite viral due to the shortage of MIUI 12.5 in some of the company’s models. The following Xiaomi devices are those compatible with the MIUIPlus Magisk module:

If you have one of these devices and you rooted you can access the download of this tool and get the MIUI 12.5 functions. The module has been tested on operating systems since Android 7 to Android 11. And the last condition is that the device is running MIUI 12.

MIUI 12.5

What functions will you get? Xiaomi has also prepared a list of functions that you can have on your Xiaomi if you install the module and run it. These are all the ones you would receive if you installed MIUI 12.5 officially, but without having to wait for the update.

  • Thermal settings in case of overheating during charging
  • New loading animation
  • New energy menu
  • New sound settings at 90%
  • HiFi sound settings improvements
  • General fixes and small improvements
  • New load control
  • New custom interface sounds
  • Emojis IOS 14.5
  • 90 fps screen recording
  • SafetyNet Patch
  • Equalizer improvements
  • Higher WiFi bandwidth
  • New sleep system
  • Automatic brightness corrections
  • RAM optimization improvements
  • Accelerated start-up
  • Slight improvement in overall autonomy
  • Error logging disabled to improve performance
  • Web page loading speed improvements
  • Call noise reduction

These are all functions and improvements that you can activate on your Xiaomi with MIUI 12 if you install the module. It is the majority of the improvements which receive Xiaomi Cell Phones this update to MIUI 12.5, so you will save the update.