5 Mistakes New iPhone Users Make

5 Mistakes New iPhone Users Make: If you have a new iPhone, these tips are for you-

If you’re brand new to iPhone for the first time, we’ve got a bunch of great tips to avoid making mistakes. Although the use of the iPhone is similar to that of other smartphones, iOS has some peculiarities that you need to know so as not to be mistaken. Many new users are unaware of these functions, which are otherwise very interesting.

In addition to reviewing all the tutorials and tricks we have available for the iPhone, you should also avoid making these typical mistakes novice users. They will improve the way you interact with your iPhone.

5 Mistakes New iPhone Users Make:

If you are a new iPhone user, pay attention to these tips

Do not activate the optimized battery charging function

The vast majority of users charge our iPhone at night, and Apple has created a feature in iOS that allows us to optimize our iPhone’s battery charge so that it doesn’t degrade too much. The perfect thing for an appliance battery is be between 20 and 80% as long as possible, and that’s what optimized battery charging does.

This function charge our iPhone only up to 80% and take the opportunity to charge the last 20% at the end. The iPhone will learn from our uses and, if we wake up every day at 7:00 am, it will charge the last 20% at the end. Here is how it is activated:

  1. Enter the Settings from your iPhone.
  2. Press on Drums then in battery health.
  3. activate the button Optimized load.

Optimizing battery charging is essential

Forget the sound/vibration switch

This is a unique button on the iPhone, which is not available on any other smartphone in the market. East cursor buttonlocated above the volume buttons, allows you to Quickly switch between silent mode and sound mode. It’s a very simple way to switch between modes without having to activate the screen.

Do not enable iCloud backup

A great thing about iPhones is that automatically back up all your data to iCloud, Apple’s cloud. By simply turning on iCloud backup, every night your iPhone will save all the data when you are on Wi-Fi. Don’t make the mistake of not turning it on, because with the free 5GB of iCloud you will have room for them.

You can enable iCloud backup from Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Backup to iCloud. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible. Saving a copy in iCloud is something you should do

Download password manager apps

Password manager applications are really useful and allow us to identify ourselves very quickly to countless services. However, iOS includes its own password manager that works at the system levelit is therefore compatible with web applications and services.

With only identify us with Face ID or Touch ID, the iPhone will automatically fill in our login data Quickly, every time you log in to a service, your iPhone will throttle you if you save that password. You can manage them from Settings > Passwords.

Not paying attention to the permissions we grant to each app

iOS is the mobile operating system that best allows us to control our privacy and everything apps can do, so it’s something you should keep in mind. Come into Settings > Privacy & Security and you can enter each section, Contacts, Photos, Microphone… and authorize or remove the authorization for each application. 40 tips and tricks for new iPhone users

With all these tips, you will free the iPhone correctly and without making mistakes. Good advice to get this new experience off to a good start.