Meta Launches a Retail Store to Showcase Metaverse Products

Meta announces the launch of its first retail store to showcase its hardware products for the Metaverse. This would be part of the steps to develop the metaverse the company wants.

The new Meta store for Metaverse products

Meta’s CTO says Meta’s new POS will include hands-on demos showcasing Meta’s physical products To mark. Store visitors will be able to try Virtual Reality games. In addition, they will be able to access a 30-second clip of their experience, which they can share with their friends.

This is all in line with Meta’s long-term commitment to the Metaverse, which largely involves virtual reality experiences. The challenge for Meta and its shareholders is that it will take time and money to do all of this. The adoption of Virtual Reality is booming. Certainly, all indicators point to the metaverse being a reality. But to ensure mass adoption, Meta will have to find increasingly creative and expensive ways to showcase its benefits.

Metaverse products in store

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality headset developed by Facebook Reality Labs. The Quest 2 is capable of functioning as a standalone headset with an internal operating system, running on a desktop computer when connected via USB or WiFi. Fi. Phi. Moreover, it is compatible with all games and software designed for the Oculus gaming world. This allows it to be played with a 360 degree view, which is why its price is 349 euros.

Metaverse products

Metaverse products

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories works with voice commands and lets you take photos and videos. In addition, they are synchronized with a smartphone via the company’s software. They also allow you to listen to music and send messages on WhatsApp. The connected glasses are synchronized with the Facebook platform and cost 329 euros.

Metaverse products

Ray Ban Stories Meta smart glasses

Meta smart glasses - Metaverse products

Meta Portal in the Meta store: smart video calls, a step towards the Metaverse

Meta has smart digital tablets, which track movement and automatically magnify the image to always keep everyone in focus. In addition, it works with voice command. Sound also works with advanced intelligence, reducing background noise and improving voice quality. Group calls are HD quality, price varies by size. They start from 169 euros and 369 euros.

Metaverse products

Goals Portal - Metaverse products

Lens Portal Accessories - Metaverse products

Conclusion on Meta Launches Retail Store to Showcase Metaverse Products

Meta will likely have to open more retail stores and bear the cost of selling its virtual reality and augmented reality products. This is to guarantee a large mass in the space of the metaverse. Additionally, Meta may consider integrating full-body scanning booths to create more accurate avatars. Without a doubt, this is one more step in Meta’s big bet for the metaverse to become something normal. The first Meta store will open on May 9 at the Meta campus in Burlingame, California.