How to Make a Check List in iPad Notes?

Make a Check List in iPad Notes, Without Note apps, I can not imagine an Apple device. It appeared together with the first iPhone and since then has only been saturated with new features and a new design.

Fifteen years later, notes are quite a powerful tool for storing various information, creating lists and, for some, a place to draw. Unfortunately, some features of this program are hidden from users’ eyes, and not all of them are on the surface.

“Notes” on the iPhone and iPad is quite a sophisticated application.

Not everyone knows that directly in the notes you can create a shopping list with flags for brands, draw perfectly even figures with your fingers, highlight the necessary information in scanned documents, convert a table into text, change the appearance of the background, and create light pages even with dark pages enabled. Let’s see how to take advantage of all these features.

How to Make a Check List in iPad Notes?

I take advantage of it regularly so as not to forget anything.

Many of us use either the Reminders app or download specialized apps from the App Store. But you can’t do all this, but use the standard app “Notes”. If you deleted it after setting up your iPhone or iPad, be sure to download it again. To create a shopping list in notes, you will need:

    • Open the Notes app.

For the list, I always have a note ready, so as not to create a new one.

    • Create a new note.

You can create a list of any length.

    • Enter a shopping list. Each new item starts on the next line.
    • Select all text.

After putting a mark, the selected item is moved down.

  • Click the button with markers to display fields with markers.

After marking a list item as done, it will immediately move to the very bottom. This is a very convenient option for creating not only lists for the store but also, in principle, for structuring certain plans.

Drawing on iPhone

For the same crooked hands as mine, the shape alignment feature comes in handy.

Sometimes you need to add a shape to some notes or just circle the needed text. But if you do it with your fingers, most often it turns out quite uneven. But not everyone knows iOS and iPadOS can straighten your drawing. To do this, you need:

  • Open the Notes app.
  • Navigate to the desired note and start drawing mode.
  • Draw, without lifting your finger from the screen, the figure you need and hold it at the very end of the drawing for a few seconds. The operating system itself will offer to convert your drawing into a uniform geometric figure.
  • Then release your finger from the screen.

Thanks to these actions, you can always draw what you need without going through special drawing menu items. By the way, these actions are also relevant to apple pencil. Just replace your fingers with a stylus in the instructions and that’s it.

Background Notes – iPhone

Unfortunately, you cannot enable a dark background with a light theme.

Many users are using it on their devices Dark theme interface. But making sketches and notes in notes on dark sheets is not very comfortable. To keep the dark theme but use light tablecloths, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the “Notes” section.
  • Go to the “Note Background” item and select a clear one.

After that, all notes will be created on light sheets. But these are not all the possibilities to change the appearance of the notes. Can be personalized grade sheet style. Choose a ruler or a cage of different sizes. To ensure that notes are always created on these sheets, you must:

This markup will even allow you to handwrite with the Apple Pencil.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the “Notes” section.
  • Go to the “Rules and Cells” item and select the necessary markup for the sheet.

After these steps, notes will be immediately created on the selected sheets. Drawing with such markup will become much more convenient.

How to draw in PDF?

The selection looks like a drawing with a marker on paper.

Using Note apps you can very easily scan documents, save them in PDF format and share them with the right people. But not everyone knows that on these scans you can also highlight the necessary information using the built-in function of iOS and iPadOS editors. To activate it, you will need:

    • Open the Notes app.
    • Create a new note or select an old one with a scan ready.

The scanner quality in the app is very high.

    • If the documents have not yet been scanned, click the camera icon and scan the necessary documents.
    • After completing these steps, click the “Save” button.

Enabling markup doesn’t quite make sense.

    • Open the resulting analysis in full screen.
    • Click the Share button.

To draw, you can use all available tools.

  • In the window that appears, activate the “Marking” section.
  • The drawing tools will appear on the screen.

You can use the two ready-made shapes and just draw and underline with markers and pens. In this section you can also create even geometric shapes using the fingers I talked about earlier.

All these features greatly add to the possibilities regular app “Notes”. I don’t want to change it for some 3rd party options. The only pity is that there is no version of the Android operating system. But maybe one day there will be such an application.