Apple Updates the MagSafe Battery: it now Charges Faster

Apple seems to have solved one of the main drawbacks of its MagSafe Battery compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13; known as the MagSafe battery. The Cupertino Company released a new firmware update that slightly increases the charging speed, leaving out the rare 5W of maximum power that it allowed until now.

The new update, which arrives with issue 2.7 (or 2.7.b.0), increases the power to 7.5W, as confirmed by Apple on its website. This results in a slightly faster loading speed than what power bank when independently supplying the battery to the iPhone.

To get 7.5W charging on the go, update your MagSafe battery to the latest firmware. The firmware update starts automatically after connecting the battery to the iPhone. Firmware update can take about a week.

Not easy How much better is the charging time compared to 5W? which until now allowed the MagSafe battery? In our tests, with this little power, the accessory took two hours to charge only 50% of the battery of an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

So you can update the firmware of the MagSafe battery?

The MagSafe battery firmware update happens automatically and can take up to a week to apply. apple recommends connecting the accessory to an iPad or Mac using a lightning cable and waiting about 5 minutes, which is the time it takes for the download and installation process. You can check if the new firmware is installed through your iPhone. To do this, attach the battery to the back of your terminal and access Settings > General > Information > MagSafe Battery.

Remember that the MagSafe battery also can do a wireless charger function if a Lightning cable is connected to it, and if this cable is previously connected to an adapter of at least 20W. In this case, the load is 15W. In contrast, the iPhone is also capable of supplying a battery to the accessory.

To do this, you need to connect a Lightning cable to the smartphone and connect the power bank while the device is charging. When the iPhone reaches a high percentage (about 80%), the terminal will supply the battery to the MagSafe accessory.