MacBook for College Student: 5 things a should know before buying a

MacBook for College Student:  Everything you need to know before buying an Apple MacBook.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers offer high performance, great versatility and, of course, portability that desktop computers can’t offer. They are very thin laptops with an elegant design, in addition, they have an outrageous power. For all these reasons and many more, buy a macbook This is a highly recommended option for any student.

A few decades ago, students brought nothing more to class than a pencil case and notepads. Today, students have the option of bringing a MacBook or other laptop to take notes and study in a much more comfortable and efficient way. This will have a positive effect on their grades and exams.

But if you are a student and you are planning to buy an Apple MacBook to take notes and work on your school or university projects, maybe you should think very carefully about some aspects to consider before deciding on one.

MacBook model or another. Among the most important aspects when deciding which equipment to buy, we find the price, storage capacity, warranty or basic needs of each consumeramong others.

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MacBook for College StudentW: hat should be considered before buying a MacBook?

There are multiple factors to consider before buying a new student MacBook, and spending over $1,000 on a powerful computer that you won’t get the full benefit of is not the same as spending $500. euros on an older MacBook you will only need to take notes.

1. MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

The first thing to do before buying a MacBook is to decide which model we will need. The launch of the latest generation of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has significantly reduced the differences between the two teams, particularly at the material level. But they are still two completely different MacBook models.

The MacBook Pro has always been productivity driven and it is a more “professional” and elegant laptop, with great power and performance. For its part, historically the MacBook Air has always had a more casual design, is available in more colors and is much thinner and lighter.

It should be noted that the MacBook Air is available with smaller dimensions, with a screen that reaches 13.6 inches; while the MacBook Pro has more varied size options, with 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch displays.

All of these features are vitally important when buying a MacBook. Both its dimensions and its weight or technical capabilities are determining factors if you are going to take your MacBook to class.

In case you are still not sure which model you should buy, we recommend that you consult this guide with all the differences between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with everything you need to know about the two computers.

2. Choose a MacBook with the processor strictly necessary for your studies… or not

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From iPadízate, the best recommendation we can give you is not to spend more money than necessary to buy a MacBook that suits your preferences. If you need a powerful processor to complete complex projects, go for a MacBook with an M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, or M2 processor.

If, on the other hand, you only use the MacBook for writing documents and taking notes, try to spend as little as possible to save money.

Now, if you are also going to use it when you come home to edit videos, play video games or manage large files you should opt for the latest generations of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, but keep in mind that their price will be much higher.

Do you have doubts ? Don’t worry, from this comparison between all versions of M1 chips, you will find out what all their differences are.

3. How many GB of storage capacity will you need?

The storage capacity of a MacBook can significantly increase or decrease the price of the equipment. A MacBook Air with 512 GB of storage costs 230 euros more than a MacBook Air with 256 GB of storage.

And a MacBook Air with 2TB of storage costs up to 920 euros more. It is therefore a factor to take into account before buying a particular model.

Think carefully about what each version offers and what you need. For example, do you currently have a cloud storage service subscription? Have you recently purchased a hard drive or USB flash drive with good storage capacity?

Can you store large files on another device such as a desktop or iPad Pro? All of these questions will help you know exactly how much storage you need in your MacBook.

On the other hand, we come back to the usual question, knowing exactly what you are going to need your MacBook for.

You have to think if you’re going store very large files such as series, films, music or backup copies; or if you will just use lighter files such as text files, PDF documents or photographs.

4. Consider purchasing an AppleCare+ warranty

AppleCare+ is an official Apple warranty service through which the company with the bitten apple logo guarantees you protection and free certified repairs with original components against accidental damage, as well as the provision of technical assistance by Apple experts.

Annual AppleCare+ coverage for MacBook costs €69.99 while a three-year warranty coverage is priced at 199 €. It’s a great option for students because carrying your MacBook from place to place can be quite a shock, especially in an environment away from home that you can’t control.

14-inch MacBook Pro with AppleCare+

5. Weigh Amazon’s Special Offers

We know that for students, the purchase of a MacBook can represent an excessively high economic cost. It would therefore be wise to think about the offers, discounts and refurbished products from Amazon instead of buying a MacBook from the Apple website or the nearest Apple Store.

For this reason, we have compiled a selection of the most interesting MacBook Air and MacBook Pro offers from Amazon:

MacBook Air 2015 (Refurbished)MacBook Pro 2017 (Refurbished)2023 13.6-inch MacBook AirMacBook Pro 16 inch 2019

The Final Decision

Buying a MacBook and choosing the ideal model for your studies is a big decision, one that will change your life. In addition, There are a plethora of options available in the market., without even relying on MacBook equipment from previous generations.

Therefore, it is imperative to think long and hard about all the issues we have discussed above.

First of all you need know exactly what the technical specifications and hardware components are What will you need as a student? You also need to know what you’ll be using the MacBook for and what file types you’ll be working with.

Finally, remember that the design of a MacBook computer is not only related to aesthetic issues, since its dimensions and weight will be a very important factor during your studies.

Take your time, think about all the features, select a list with the MacBook models that best suit your needs and finally make the best decision for you and your pocket. Happy shopping and enjoy your MacBook!

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