M1 Pro vs M2: Don’t buy the cheapest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro over the M2. Better to take the M1

M1 Pro vs M2: Despite the fact that this year Apple for the first time raised MacBook Air Price, because of which he almost came close to the MacBook Pro, it is still impossible to call one or another particularly expensive laptops. In the end, 1300 and 1400 dollars is the price of an iPhone in not the most top-end configuration, and for this money they offer us a full-fledged working device on the most productive hardware. Well, or so we are told. Because in fact with the performance of the basic configurations and the MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro on M2 there are problems.

The base version of the MacBook Air and Pro on the M2 is not the best choice to buy

The key problem of the two laptops in the basic version with M2 chip and 256 GB of memory – the low speed of the SSD drive. As tests have shown, the laptops show around a 50% performance improvement over similar laptops. MacBook Air Mods and a MacBook Pro based on the M1 processor from last year.

M1 Pro vs M2

The SSD of the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is slower in load than the old one

The most noticeable decrease in drive speed occurs under load. Even though the M2 is 18% faster than the M1 in complex tasks, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro SSDs different generations behave differently. For example, when exporting images from Lightroom with multiple apps running in the background at the same time, the M1 laptops spend around 3 minutes 36 seconds compared to 4 minutes 12 seconds on the M2. If all apps are offloaded from the laptops memory, the roster changes and the M2 jumps ahead, facing 3 minutes 18 seconds.

However, this is not the only example of performance degradation. new macbook air and MacBook Pro because of discs. A similar speed drop is demonstrated when exporting 4K video as HEVC of Final Cut Pro. In this test, the MacBook Pro on M1 did it in 3 minutes 36 seconds, and MacBook Pro on M2 – in 4 minutes 49 seconds. It’s over a minute.

Has Apple decided to save on components for new laptops? Well, actually no. The reality, as always, is more prosaic. It all depends on the layout features. If the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro of the M1 were equipped in the base with two pairs of SSDs of 128 GB each, then they were similar in terms of memory laptops on M2 have a bar for 256 GB.

Speaking in a very primitive language, two drives allowed data to be read and written in parallel, as in two streams. And a single SSD does not have such an opportunity, despite the fact that it is made according to the most modern standard. So there is no working speed problem for 256 gigabyte keys. It can be seen without charge. But under load, when laptops are forced to process large amounts of data, a pair of drives fare better than one, even with a weaker CPU.

Yes, in basic tasks MacBook Air and Pro on M2 will be faster than on M1. But, excuse me, what’s the point of buying more powerful and modern computers if they are inferior to the old ones in load? Isn’t that what they are for? In my opinion, the answer to this question is not necessary. In addition, the “old” ones will cost less.

Which MacBook to buy in 2023?

It would seem, what are the problems? Bring into laptop a few 128 gigabyte discs – and everything will be decided by itself. But it wasn’t there. It turns out that the industry that produces NAND memory which is used in computers, has simply abandoned the 128 GB standard. Now the minimum number of disks on sale in commerce is 256 GB. Therefore, Apple simply has no choice.

M1 Pro vs M2

Want a fast Mac but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Take the version on M1

You can solve the speed problem by buying the 512 GB version, which will be equipped with two 256 GB drives. Thanks to them, laptops will be able to process large amounts of data in conditional dual-threaded mode, spending less time reading and writing. But keep in mind that you will have to pay a lot more for it.

so basic MacBook Air with M2 and 256 GB of memory costs $1199, then the 512 GB version is already priced at $1499. The spread isn’t sickly, and many probably won’t be willing to pay an extra $300 for speed, which, in fact, is already their due.

Interesting way, MacBook Pro with M2 the 512GB version costs the same $1,499. But, if you are not ready to overpay, pay attention to models with M1 – they are always very personal.

True, in this case it will not be possible to save in particular. Apple withdrawn from sale MacBook Pro on M1, leaving only the MacBook Air, but at the old price. So be prepared to shell out $1,000 if you buy a US model, and even a bit more if you pick up the UAE or European version. However, this is not even the most important thing.

Due to the fact that 128 GB drives are quickly disappearing from the market, it is possible that only versions with a single 256 GB SSD will soon be on sale. No one knows when that will happen and what Apple’s reservations are. Therefore, if you have been planning to acquire a new laptop for a long time, it is better not to delay the purchase.